13. Honey Bee Art – Bee Magic – It’s Fun To Play With Bees!

13. Honey Bee Art – Bee Magic – It’s Fun To Play With Bees!

Read and learn about Honey Bee Art. You can manage honey bees in such a way that it’ll express an art. It’s possible due to great addiction or attraction of bees for honey. Wherever they find honey or get smell of honey they’ll gather there. They’ll suck & enjoy and invite others to come for the same. You can’t remove them from that place until the last drop of honey finished. They are only the insects capable to produce honey. They are very well organized and like to live in unity and the best example of unity in the earth.

Honey Bee Art – How Funny!
You can play with honey bees if you’re aware of their behavior. For example, you like to write the word ABC in your body or in a ground surface using bees instead of ink or other art materials. Now what should you do?

Scratch the three alphabets ABC by marking pen or chalk powder (as shown below) in your body or ground or in a wooden frame. Put some honey in the alphabets area like how you put glue in a paper.

Now keep these alphabets in a honeybee populated area or if the alphabets are in your body, go in such a place where few bee hives are there. Just stay there few minutes and you will find that bees are gathering and trying to get the honey from the alphabets.

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Honey Bee Art – Bee Magic – It’s Fun To Play With Bees!
Honey Bee Art – Bee Magic
Finally, you’ll see that all alphabets are now populated and occupied by honeybees and fully covered. It looks very interesting and funny from outside as you can see only the alphabets of honey bees.

If you play with honey bees and let them populated in your body, take care about your nose, ear and eyes so that they can’t enter inside or sting your eyes. Usually they will not sting you until they feel any disturbance.

Actually you can make any shape with honeybees as you desire if you know their behavior. They like unity and democratic life. They are very organized, sincere and active in their duties.

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Tips and Warning:

This practice you must do with cautions.
Never try it if you’re not aware of bee behavior very well.
Be sure that you are not allergic to bee sting.
Don’t do it in bright sun as they become angry at hot sun.
Never try it while honey crisis in nature or in bee hives. They become anger while become hungry and more likely to sting. Flower crisis in nature means honey crisis that means off season.
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