18. Beekeepers Veil: Learn How To Make A Beekeepers Veil.

18. Beekeepers Veil: Learn How To Make A Beekeepers Veil.

Beekeepers Veil: It’s possible that the best beekeeper may be stung sometimes. To avoid sting Beekeeper should understand bee behavior, apply good technique and wear protective outfits. A Beekeeper veil keeps them safe from bee stings in some vital organs like eyes, nose, face and neck. You can buy it from the nearest Beekeeping supply store or make it by yourself. Read and learn more about How to make Beekeepers Veil.

Beekeepers Veil How To Make?
A DIY (do-it-yourself) veil is light & very easy to make. It’s comfortable to wear and easy to put on and off. It covers and protects whole head up to neck and save eyes. Bees are very habituated to sting at eyelash.

Things You’ll Need:

Broadbrimed straw hat
Fine mesh netting fabric
Linen clothe
Sewing machine
Fabric glue
#1. Put on a cap
Beekeepers Veil: Learn How To Make A Beekeepers Veil.
Put on a cap

At first Put on the cap and measure from the edge of the cap to the point on your back up to the shoulder blades.

Rotate the net fabric on the work surface. Sketch a horizontal line at the top of the fabric that is 1 to 2 inch larger than the diameter of the edge of the cap.

#2. Sketch a straight line down
Sketch a straight line down from the two ends of the horizontal line that is 1 to 2 inch longer than the length from the cap edge to the spot on your back. Attach the left and right lines at the bottom to make a square shape.

And then Cut the rectangle out of the net.

#3. Fold over the left side
Fold over the left side to the right side and level all sides up. Now Stitch the left side and the right side together, keeping a 1/4-inch border. Rotate the material inside out to put the border on the inside of the net tube.

#4. Cut a sliver 1/2 inches wide
Cut a sliver 1/2 inch wide and as long as the circumference of the net tube from the linen cloth. And then Fold the sliver so that it’s 1/4 inch wide and set one end of the tube into the fabric fold. Stitch it to the net fabric, keeping a 1/4 inch cloth bottom edge on the tube.

#5. Slide the other end
Slide the other end of the net tube up over the edge of the cap. Glue 1/2 inch of the net fabric to the top of the edge of the cap and finally let it dry. Finally Slide the net tube over your head and put the cap on to test for matching your size.

Now you know how to make a beekeeper’s veil. If you make it yourself it’s fine, but if you don’t have enough time for it or don’t like to do it yourself, then buy it from any store like Mann Lake, Thorne etc. Even you can buy it online from amazon, eBay etc. and get it at your home.

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Read and learn more How to make Beekeepers Veil.

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