24. Flow Hive Invention For HoneyBee Makes Beekeeping Easier Than Ever!

24. Flow Hive Invention For HoneyBee Makes Beekeeping Easier Than Ever!

It’s the beekeepers dream to turn a tap right on the beehive and watch pure, fresh and natural honey flow right out of the Honey comb and fill the container. By Using the newly invented flow hive for Honeybee, Harvesting honey become easier on the beekeeper and so much comfortable for the bees. Read & learn more about new invention for honeybee that enable you to Harvest Honey Directly From BeeHive.

Flow hive for Honeybee is the most significant innovation in beekeeping since 1852. No wax, no need to take out honey combs, no hassle to remove bees from honey combs, even you need not to open the box cover for extracting honey. So, definitely it’s very comfortable, hassle free, new invention of honey extraction.

New Invention in HoneyBee keeping – Flow hive
Flow Hive Invention For HoneyBee Makes Beekeeping Easier Than Ever!
Flow Hive Invention
Flow hives is a revolutionary invention of honey extractor, allowing you to harvest honey without opening the hive cover and with minimal disturbance to the honey bee. Obviously, there is much more to beekeeping, not just harvesting honey.

Now you need only to Turn a tap, sit back, and watch the honey discharge from the combs. It’s pure, fresh, unprocessed, untouched, natural and delicious honey directly from the hive. This Makes the honey harvesting so much easier and saves a lots of effort and time, without any disturbance to the bees. So, Bees and Beekeepers, both are happy with this new invention.

If you want to buy this new product of innovative technology, find here: High Efficiency, Beekeeping Flow frames, Beehive Honey Frames –7PCS .

Benefits of Innovative Flow hives:
01. Potentially More Honey can be Harvested

Since the Honey Comb cells are partly constructed by this system, the bees need less time to complete the rest part and hence have more time to collect nectar. So, ultimately the production will be more than usual.

02. Harvesting becomes comfortable

Definitely Harvesting is the most hard work in beekeeping. Now it becomes easier and comfortable as you can Harvest Honey directly from beehive, Even Without Opening The Hive Cover.

Flow Hive Invention For HoneyBee Makes Beekeeping Easier Than Ever!
Flow Hive Invention
You can buy the flow hives of innovative technology here: EzBee Auto Flow, 7 Comb Ultra Simple Beehive, 2-Box Kit, Complete box including Brood, Super & hive cover.

03. No Wax, No Filtering – Pure fresh & unprocessed Honey, Ready On The Table

You’ll get pure, natural, unprocessed and fresh honey directly from the hive. No need filtering, evaporation, as it doesn’t have excess moisture and wax.

04. Taste All The Different Flavors of The Seasons!

Amazing flavor: As you can harvest individual combs, you can get the taste of many flavors of the different season, all from the one hive. Flavors you’ll get depending on the types of flowers.

05. The Bees Are Happy To Build On The Flow Hives/Frames

The flow frames are honey comb cells, already partly formed with high quality food graded plastic – the bees to complete rest of the comb with wax and fill the cells with honey. They are happy to do so since their some part of work is already done.

06. Less Likely To Sting

Flow Hive Invention For HoneyBee Makes Beekeeping Easier Than Ever!
Existing beehives
It’s less likely to sting as they don’t feel any disturbance for harvesting honey. As you don’t need to open the hive cover, they don’t become crazy to sting for defend them selves or feeling that you’re robbing their honey.

07. Compatible with your existing Bee Hives

As you can shorten the frames to suit any hive, as long as they fit with depth of the hive box, it’s compatible with most of the hives except in Australia. Asia, Europe, America and African Beehives are the best suit to install this flow hive.

08. Long lasting

The Flow frames are made from high quality, food-grade, and BPA-free plastic. They are designed to be used for the lifetime. So, it’s more durable than the usual Honey Comb.

09. Remote Control

The Flow frames are set with option to accommodate a pneumatic system in future, allowing for the possibility of automated harvest and remote harvest.

So, may be in near future, you just put a hive on your roof and pipe the honey right into a jar in your kitchen. You can get fresh and pure honey by pressing a button from its upgraded version.

How the New System Works?
The technology they used is not so completed, and more easy to understand for those who aware of beekeeping.

You can buy this Artificial Honey Combs and set in the Super Chamber separately or with your existing honey combs. They’ll provide alternate of Honey Combs which is called Flow Frames. The mechanism is set in the Flow Frames which is already completed part of the honey comb cells. The cells are made of high quality, food graded plastic.

Flow Hive For HoneyBee Makes Beekeeping Easier Than Ever
Flow Hive For Honey Bee
The rest part of honey comb cells will be completed by the bees with wax. Remember, the bees use 7 Kg honey to produce 1 kg wax.

You’ll have to install this flow frames in the Super box with your existing honey combs or only flow frames one or two pieces for each box. And then keep this super box above the Brood chamber.

Honey comb cells are kept normally in closed position to let the honeybee stores honey. When the bees complete the remaining portion of Cells with wax, store nectar, and seal it (capping). They make it transparent to enable you watch honey storage and status for harvesting.

The Beekeepers will open the cells manually to drain honey through an attached pipe/tube into a jar/pot. Opening and closing cells will be done by a stainless steel Key provided by the supplier. After draining all the honey, you have to close back the cells and lock it. While the bees found vacant cells, they immediately try to fill with nectar and ultimately work hard to do so at earliest time.

That is all about the new invention.

Complete Flow hive after installation

Flow Hive Invention For HoneyBee Makes Beekeeping Easier Than Ever!
Complete Flowhive Buy it here
They design this flow frame/hives in such a way that it will match with 8 frame or 10 frame boxes. You can buy 3 flow frames or 4 flow frames or 6 flow frames with or without box. Price starts from approximately $300. If you use this flow frame with your existing box, you can use 1 or 2 flow frames in super chamber in each box.

A complete set of 6 flow frame with flow box & Brood box cost = $600 + transport + a donation $88+ your local tax. A complete set of 6 frames look like this. The above price may change from time to time. A complete flow hive looks like above picture. If you want to buy it now, link is attached with the picture.

This will include:

6 flow Frames fit with Langstroth 8 frame box.
1 Brood Box (Bottom Box) with standard frames
1 Super ( Top box ) with Roof
3 Tubes to drain 3 frames at a time
1 Stainless steel Key tool to open Flow frame
1 User Manual for Flow Hives and without any Bees.
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