54. How To Harvest Honey? Benefits Of Manuka Honey

Find here how to harvest honey or extract honey in traditional and modern beekeeping. Also you will learn about the benefits of Manuka Honey. You can use Manuka Honey for Natural Remedies of your health. Honey of all kinds are really the best home treatment for people of all ages and Manuka honey is something special. Even you can use it in good health to stay better. Honey is unique product in the nature and only bees are capable to produce it. Read and learn more about monuka honey and its uses.

Harvesting Honey
There are several methods of harvesting honey are found. But the most popular and well known methods of harvesting or extracting honey are 3 as stated below:

01. Harvesting from natural honeybee hives

How To Harvest Honey? Benefits Of Manuka Honey.
Natural Honeybees
This type of harvesting is depended on the availability of beehives. Beekeepers search here and there to find beehives naturally grown in the trees, gardens, or forest areas. Since they are naturally grown beekeepers don’t need to spend anything to harvest honey. They only spend for beekeeper’s suit, tools, container, and knife etc. So, they can sell their honey in cheap price. But their extracting method is very simple and not so hygienic.

02. Harvesting from Apiary beehives with traditional extractor

Most people use this method of harvesting honey from apiary. They have more control than the first method. Professional beekeepers produce huge quantity of honey based on their size of apiary. They apply their marketing policy to grow their business and brand reputation. For large quantity of beehives they use automatic extractor. For small project a manual extractor is enough. Below you’ll find 6 steps of harvesting honey in traditional beekeeping.

03. Harvesting with modern and innovative flow hives directly from honeycombs.

How To Harvest Honey? Benefits Of Manuka Honey.
Harvest directly from beehives

This is the new invention in beekeeping since 1852. This method is completely different than the first and second method. Here you don’t need any extractor machine to harvest honey. Flow hive is made with food graded plastic and can be opened or closed while necessary.

When the cells of honeycombs are full with honey and matured, beekeepers open the switch to drain honey directly into the jar from beehives. Even they don’t need to open the hive cover. For more information, read Flow hive invention makes beekeeping easier than ever!

01. Manuka Honey Benefits: Natural Remedies
Find here How Manuka Honey Can Change Your Life and several uses of Manuka Honey. Manuka honey can be used to prevent and treat many types of diseases. Specially it’ll work better for beauty treatment, burns – wounds & ulcers, Acne and Eczema, Heals sore throats, Digestive aid, Allergy and sinus relief, Natural antibiotic, Improves sleep, and Dental health. Learn more about the uses of Manuka Honey, Here!

Manuka Honey Benefits: Natural Remedies That Can Change Your Life.
Manuka Honey Benefits:
02. Manuka Doctor Bio Active Honey
The Practical Beekeeping tips for Beginners – know the step-by-step instructions on how to start bee keeping right now! Learn how to become an ideal beekeeper and make honey. Manuka honey and niche skill is in High Demand!! There are many Reasons that you should start RIGHT NOW! Learn how to make your OWN HONEY and avoid concerns of its purity as it’s your own made. Find here to buy pure and most popular Manuka honey: Manuka Doctor Bio Active Honey, 24 Plus, 2 Pack of 8.75 Ounce.

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Manuka Honney For Natural Remedies of your health

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