55. Beekeeping Software: 4 Tips For Free Beehive Management Software.

Beekeeping Software: In this era people like to use software almost in everywhere. Use of software makes our life easy and comfortable. If you don’t like to keep your beehives records on a computer software that’s okay. But For Advanced beekeepers who want to use computerized records, we are here to help them to make the right choice. Learn more about Beekeeping Software: 4 Tips For Free Beehive Management Software.

There are usually two main choices:

Creating simple spreadsheet or diary entry system, or
Built-in beekeeping software created by providers.
Currently there were more than 20 different programs for beekeepers records available on the internet. And also several software are coming soon. Now you may think which one to choose. Remember the following 4 tips while selecting a beekeeping software:

4 Tips For Free Beekeeping Software:
Beekeeping Software: 4 Tips For Free Beehive Management Software.
Beekeeping Software
1. Download online from internet.

If you like to keep the records yourself then you can download from internet in your computer. If you like to keep the records on service provider then they will do everything required for it.

Find here some links of Beehive Recording software: Beetight, My Bee Line, Bee Cloud, Bee Source, Bee Garden.

2. What do you want from the software?

Consider the features to suit your needs, such as queen rearing, honey samples and choices for honey weighing – kilograms or pounds or ounces.

You also need to consider the following:

Number of hives – You need to record for 3 hives, 30 hives or 300 hives?
Do you want to add photographs?
Types of hives – Your hives are Langstroth or horizontal hives or like the Top Bar?
And lastly do you want to be able to keep backup copies of your data file?
Each beekeeping software offers its own focus and features. If you know exactly what you need it’ll be easier to choose the best one and try.

3. Money:

Price of software is one of the most considerable factor. Its usual price range is from AUD 50 to AUD 400, but some are very costly like AUD 4000. There are three options for you:

01. Free.

02. Monthly or Yearly subscription.

03. One time purchase.

Whatever option you choose don’t forget to check whether it’ll meet your needs or not. Some providers have free trial version to test their software before buying. But this free versions are usually limited to a small number of hives and time or usage.

Beekeeping Software: 4 Tips For Free Beehive Management Software.Beekeeping Software: 4 Tips For Free Beehive Management Software.
Beekeeping Software:
4. Getting help:
Choose a provide with high-quality customer service.

So, Look for these things:

Contact details – Check whether actually you can reach/contact them.
Professionalism – Willingness to provide help and instructions
Ongoing development of the software – Update regularly
Written documentation – help file and installation guide/instructions.
Which is the best software?

The best beekeeping software is the one that meets your needs. Remember to consider the above four tips when choosing the software.

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Resources of information

National Honey Board
American Honey Producers Association
American Bee Journal
Experience of my own beekeeping project

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