Beekeeper Gifts And Honeybee Images: Honeybee Gardens, Artificial Beehives, Natural Beehives. (141)

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At the end of each year Beekeepers make a plan and budget to gift friends, clients, neighbors, and officials. This gift will introduce his business to new customers, expand sales, and ultimately earn more profit. Selecting a better gift will express his choice and business credibility.

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Find here A Complete guide Book available for Bee lovers and Beekeepers. Sometimes they use own product as gift such as honey, wax, royal jelly, or pollen. Most people like honey. Find here to buy the most popular bee product 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back: Dr. Danielle’s Bee Well that includes Royal Jelly 1500mg, Propolis 1000mg, Beepollen 750mg in 4 Daily Capsules by Doctor Danielle.

Beekeeper Gifts And Honeybee Images: Honeybee Gardens, Artificial Beehives, Natural Beehives.
141/1: Beekeeper Gifts

So, it’s a better choice of gift. They also can use such product as gift which is produced from honey or wax or pollen. Soap, Cream, Lotion, Face powder etc. are produced from honey and its by-product.

Find here Zazzle’s beekeeper gifts section for more information. They can make some T-shirt or gift card that includes Bee symbol or some slogan like “Save our Bees”. Sometimes they make hand bags, or digital goods like Beekeeping e-book.

Now you’ll find here very interesting images on honeybees. This includes human made honeybee colonies, natural beehives, honeybee gardens, and many more.

Artificial or Apiary Beehives:

This type of beehives with 8 or 10 frames are found in most of the places. Open hive cover frequently to inspect the bees and record the over all condition of the hive.

Beekeeper Gifts And Honeybee Images: Honeybee Gardens, Artificial Beehives, Natural Beehives.
141/2: Artificial Beehives.

Each hive should be checked and recorded with hive number, date of inspection, health of queen, condition of male, female, pollen storage, and so on. A complete beehive includes Single brood chamber with supper and hive cover. This is very common type of beehive, and found in many places.

Warre Beehives

Warre beehive concept is different than usual beehive. There are different types and shapes of warre beehives are found. Hope, you are familiar with Warre beehive concept. If not, find here more information about warre beehive. Compete beehives with double brood chambers. This is an example of Warre Beehive.

Natural Beehives:

Beehives in Mastered oil field

Find here an image that naturally made by honeybees supporting on GI wire used around the mastered oil field. This is very usual scene in Bangladesh rural agricultural areas.


141. Beekeeper Gifts And Honeybee Images: Honeybee Gardens, Artificial Beehives, Natural Beehives.
141/3: Natural Beehives mastered oil field.

Mastered oil field is the main place to produce honey and its benefits and market demand is also more than others.

Beehive in unexpected place

Unexpected beehives on Balcony. Nobody wants this type of beehives. You can remove such beehives with the help of Free beehive removal service. Or you can hire an professional pest control to successfully remove such beehives.

Honeybee Art

This is a specially designed beehive that shows a man setting and catching his legs. It’s possible to make any type of shape if you like. This is an example of Honey Bee Art -Bee Matic.

Swarm of bees

Beekeepers sometimes catch Swarm of bees to keep in hives. But ordinary people don’t want to catch, just interested to collect honey. Find here how to catch swarm of bees and install in beehive.

Honey Bee Garden for Apiary:

Apiary Beehives in Mastered oil field

Fruit & crop fields are the best places to produce honey. So, beekeepers are very interested to move their beehives near to this field. Most of honey they produce from here. But this is not true for everywhere.

Beekeeper Gifts And Honeybee Images: Honeybee Gardens, Artificial Beehives, Natural Beehives.
Images of Apiary Gardens in different location.

Beehives near hilly area

Location is very important for Beekeeping. Find here what to consider while start beekeeping. Beehives are kept near a hill area. Honey production very much depends on the place, trees and flowers. To learn more about the importance of location, read 6 steps to start Beekeeping. There should be no overhead electric line and passage of human walking.

Beehive in open sky

Another scene of beehives. Totally open place is not so good for honeybees. Without shade will make beehives hot and bees become aggressive. If you open the cover in the direct sun, they will sting.

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