Beekeeping Supplies: Best 7 Beehive Supply Companies For Apiary. (114)

Beekeeping supplies: Once beekeeping supplies were very difficult to find. But, now-a-days, it is very easy to get bee hive products at home by the help of advance Technology. Here, we have mentioned 7 companies that supply bee hive products worldwide and their products are the best quality. They are also most famous in Europe including the UK, and in the USA. We have provided their contact information to help you contact them easily. Read and learn more about The Best 7 Beekeeping Supplies Companies For Apiary.

Beekeeping Supplies – Best 7 Beehive Supply Companies For Apiary:

Find here the best 7 world famous companies for beekeeping supplies in Apiary. Better supplies will help you to work comfortably, keep your bees healthy, help you to be an efficient beekeeper and make your business profitable.

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#01: Amazon & eBay

Amazon is one of the best Beekeeping supply companies. It’s a world famous online store enable you to buy anything from your home. So, you can search here anything from Amazon including Beekeeping Supplies:

You can buy almost everything in amazon including the following:

  1. QUEEN MATING HIVES – complete with frames,
  2. NEW 1000 pcs Beekeeping Queen Cell Cups, Royal Jelly Cups, Queen Rearing Equip,
  3. Professional Heavy duty Bee Suit, Beekeeping Supply Suit (w/ Gloves) – X Large,
  4. New Large Beekeeping Bee Keeping Suit, Jacket, Pull Over, Smoker and Veil etc.
    These are the names of just few. You’ll get whatever you need for beekeeping. It’s said that almost anything is available in Amazon and one of the largest online store.

Before ordering any item check the specification & price, read reviews, watch video if any. If you feel that it’s worth to buy, then order it with your preferred transportation. You can pay with your credit card, debit card, Paypal account etc.

Find here to buy: Mann Lake 10-Pack Assembled Commercial Frames & Waxed Natural Rite-Cell Foundation.

#02: Mann Lake

Mann Lake offers best quality bee hive tools or products because it is real and direct manufacturer. You will also get the best or highest bee products or supplies for direct & in competitive prices. They offer equipment for the new bee hobbyists and professional industries.

The main bee hive supplies are:

(1) Beekeeping Kits, (2) Beehive components, (3) Beehive colony maintenance, (4) Protective gear, (5) Extracting & bottling, (6) Candle, wine and soap making, & (7) Books & gifts. Its dealing with customer is excellent. Contact them if you need something:

#03: Bee Hive Supplies

Bee Hive Supplies is situated in Cornwall and it’s popular with beekeeping supplies and British National poly hives. It offers best and high quality, beekeeping equipment, clothing and accessories. You can Contact them at: Their Bee hive supplies are affordable, easy to buy and install. All the bee hive equipment are designed, made and tested in UK. They provide high or best quality density polystyrene beehives.

Also you can check with ebay for price comparison. E-Bay is also a popular online place for buying bee hive supplies. There are lots and all kinds of supplies you can get here. Also you can order online and receive timely in your home. You can buy from there:

#04: Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

It is a total and well established Beekeeping Supply Company. They are giving supplies for the newbie and the professional beekeepers. Check with them if you really need something for your beehives. The common supplies of them are frames to extractors, hive bodies, bottling equipment and jars, supers, candle-making and soap-making, protective clothing, books on beekeeping, honey labels etc.

Contact them at:

Beekeeping Supplies: Best 7 Beekeeping Supply Companies For Apiary
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#05: Dadant & Sons

They also offer American Bee Journal. This magazine is distributed worldwide monthly. You can get it in your hand regardless of wherever your region. Contact them at: Dadant & Sons has been manufacturing proudly the best quality products or supplies since 1863. It’s also the oldest and largest Beekeeping Supply Company in America. Even we don’t yet find any other company older than that all over the world.

#06: Thorne

It’s another famous company loaded with only bee hive products for the new beekeepers and advanced beekeepers. They are one of the oldest manufacturer of beekeeping products over 100 years.

Beekeeping Supplies: Best 7 Beekeeping Supply Companies For Apiary
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The bee hive supplies made by them are proudly dominating the bee keeping industries. Contact them at:

#07: Better bee Inc

It’s a wholesale and retail business for bee hives supplies. It is situated in Greenwich, NY. Its principal is Dr. Chris Cripps who has 25 years experience on beekeeping business. He is the advisor to design the bee hive supplies, and his experience contributes in the beehive industry. If you want to buy something or just to check with them, Contact them anytime at:

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