Flow Hive Invention: Benefits Of Flowhive Over Traditional Beekeeping. (126)

Flow hive Invention: Beekeepers always dream to harvest honey in an easiest way as it’s the hardest work in beekeeping. Although it’s fun and enjoyable hard work, but kill enough time for the whole process of honey extracting. Flow hive, a new invention is actually nothing but a semi-artificial honey combs. One half part of honey comb cells are produced with food graded plastic to keep the option for bees to make the rest part. Due to high quality food graded plastic, the bees consider it to be a similar product of wax and start to complete the rest part of cells. Since the half part is already done, they can complete the remaining part shortly.

After making of complete cells they try to store honey. This flow hive is used as super box above the Brood box. It enables beekeepers to harvest honey in a very easy and comfortable way without disturbing the bees.

Flow Hive invention is new in beekeeping since 1852.

Handling beehives and extracting honey is very hard work in Beekeeping. So, beekeepers were searching and expecting some easiest way to extract honey. Flow hives fulfill their dream, enable beekeepers to extract honey directly from beehives without opening the hive cover. So, the honey bees never feel any disturbance, even don’t know when the honey is extracted. As a result it’s less likely to sting beekeepers.

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Flow hives are prepared from Food graded plastic and manually can be opened and closed by a key attached with hive and provided by manufacturer. This plastics are actually partially completed cells. The rest part of cells will be completed by the bees before storing honey. After completion of cells the bees will store honey there.

Flow Hive Invention: Benefits Of Flowhive Over Traditional Beekeeping.
126/1: Flow Hive Is The New Invention Since 1852

So, while these cells are full to the brim with nectar and covered/capped with wax, the beekeepers will open the cells by the attached key. Flow hives are connected with Pneumatic system and tube/pipe. Honey will come out through this Tube/pipe into the Jar/pot.

Difference between flow hives and traditional hives

No wax, no dead bees, no need to take out honey combs, no hassle to remove bees from honey combs. Even you need not to open the box cover for extracting honey. So, it’s very comfortable, hassle free method of honey extraction. Flow hive is the most significant innovation in beekeeping since 1852.

Flow Hive Invention: Benefits Of Flowhive Over Traditional Beekeeping.
126/2: Benefits Of Flow hive Over Traditional Beekeeping.

It’s very easy for beekeeper and so much comfortable for the bees. So, bees and beekeepers both are happy with this new invention. But due to cutting edge technology some draw backs can be experienced. Day by day the draw backs will be reduced by the manufacturers.

Since till today there is no other similar product available in the market we can test this product and report if any abnormality find there on. If you have any new idea or modification you can let them know your opinion.

Benefits of Innovative Flow hive invention:

01. You can expect to produce Potentially More Honey than usual.

02. Harvesting or extracting honey becomes easier and comfortable.

03. You can expect Pure fresh & unprocessed Honey, as there is No Wax, No dead bees or clutter.

04. Taste variety of Flavors of different Seasons!

05. The Bees Are Happy To Build the rest part of their hives and they can do it faster and easily.

06. Since they don’t feel any disturbance for harvesting, it’s Less Likely To Sting.

07. You can use with your existing hives as they are Compatible with your existing Bee Hives.

08. Flow hives are Long lasting.

09. You can expect Remote Control in near future as flow hive is make with cutting edge technology.

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