Honey Bee Removal: How Much Does Wasps or Bee Hive Removal Cost? (143)

Bee hive removal: Beside bees are habituated to sting their enemies, the greatly help pollination of agriculture and produce honey, wax, and royal jelly. They also kill and eat many types of insects to keep in balance of environment. Remember, wasps and bees look similar but different in behavior. Specially, yellow jacket wasps look like almost bees but they are hornets and enemy of bees. So, different methods should be applied to control them based on their species and bee hive removal is cost is also different

How Much Does Wasps or Bee Hive Removal Cost?

At first you have to identify and determine whether it’s wasp or bee. If you are unable to recognize call any professional beekeeper. The University of Minnesota Extension provides description for indication of wasps and bees to identify them clearly. Learn more about Free bee hive removal.

Typical Wasps or Bee hive Removal Cost

Bee removal means removal of bees as well as honey combs. Bee removal excluding honey combs is useless. Because similar species of bees will come here and again make beehive.

01. Usual bee hive removal cost or wasps removal cost

Usually beehives removal cost ranges from $75 to $200 depending on the location and complexity of removal.

Honey Bee Removal: How Much Does Wasps or Bee Hive Removal Cost?
143/1: Honey Bee Removal

But you have free option of beehive removal before applying any pesticides. If you use any type of pesticides bees become unhealthy and beekeepers will not be interested to remove them at free to take them with their healthy bees. For more information contact The University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

02. Where honey bee makes nest

Honey bees can make nest/hive inside walls, ceilings, floors, hollow of tress, or any cavities. Sometimes beehive removal requires cutting holes in the building to take out bees and honey combs.

Bee Hive Removal Cost Including Wasp
bee removal cost including Wasp

Such type of removal is expensive that ranges from $100 to $700. Height of beehive from ground is also the most considerable factor. Because height makes it difficult and complicated to remove.

In Texas Bee Ranger charges a flat fee $250 + $0.50 travel charge for bee removal from first floor. They also charge additional $5 for every foot that exceeds 10 feet high. So, if your hive is at 12 feet high you have to pay additional $10.

03. Bees are beneficial to agriculture

As bees are very beneficial to agriculture such as food, fruit and vegetables we should try our best to remove them alive. But if it’s impossible or very much difficult to remove them alive you can call professional pest control companies. They will charge from $100 to $300 or little more. Bed Bug Pest Control NYC charges $225 in average for bees & hives extermination. Don’t forget to tell them to remove honey combs very clearly so that ants, roaches, and similar bees will not be attracted to come here and tend to make hive later on and again.

Cost of Wasps removal

01. Wasps are yellow jacket bees

Wasps are yellow jacket bees or hornets that make their nest in any tree, bush or side of building. They also make nest in underground hole, rock wall, or near to any high-traffic area. Their nest is usually umbrella-shaped and paper-like. Such paper wasp nests near to high-traffic area should be removed using a hornet spray cost $10 – $80.

Honey Bee Removal: How Much Does Wasps or Bee Hive Removal Cost?
143/2: Wasps or Bee Hive Removal Cost

Yellow jacket bees nest also can be removed using the same hornet spray or another dust name as Sevin cost $5 – $15. This type of wasp removal is more risky and dangerous. They are very violent to sting and their sting is also more painful that can cause to death. It’s recommended to exterminate wasp with the help to professional exterminator and perform it at night while they are inactive.

02. Charges of pest control companies

Usually pest control companies charge $100 to $400 or little more for these types of services. In Brooklyn New York there is one company named Fort Hamilton Pest Control charges $225 in average for wasps and bees removal.

For a nest or hive located at 6 feet high from ground they will charge $275. For more height you have to pay additional charge. Learn more about Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees And Easy Method To Prevent Them.

Bee Hive Removal Cost Including Wasp.

01. To know Where to contact for free removal of bees, http://www.thebeeinfo.com/free-bee-removal/.

02. If you call a Beekeeper to remove bees at free but the bees already left the nest suddenly while beekeeper reaches, he may charge $50 to $75 for his arrival although bees has gone.

03. To know the list of State Beekeepers who provide Bee Removal services visit: bees-on-the-net.com, as well as you’ll get a list of local beekeeping clubs by state. Collect all the information necessary like telephone number, contact person, official address, office hour to contact them and so on. Take necessary action as soon as possible and as per they suggest you.

04. Also you can contact The National Pest Management Association to choose the best pest control suit for you. Termite Institute offers online locators to find local exterminator.

05. Check the customer reviews with Better Business Bureau on pest control. You can contact the customers with good and bad experience.

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