How To Become A Beekeeper? 5 Steps To Be A Professional BeeKeeper! (106)

Find here How to become a beekeeper. People keep bees for different reasons: (1) They like fresh, organic honey, (2) They want to provide crops and gardens a boost in pollinating, (3) They sometimes keep bees for profit and sell the honey, wax, queen, beehives etc. Read and learn more How to become a Beekeeper. Whatever the reason for wanting to keep bees, be sure to study the entire process at first. Learn what protective clothing and equipment are needed to keep you safe from bee stings, and thoroughly realize how to keep your bees healthy.

How to Become a Beekeeper – 5 Steps To Be A Professional BeeKeeper:

01. Take a Class/Training in Beekeeping.

As a beginner or if you’ve never worked with bees before, it’s worth to take a class or training on beekeeping. Beekeeping classes/training is pretty ordinary in online; even often for free or for a small donation available at local community colleges.

If you live near to any beekeeping club or organization, it’s likely to someone available to teach or mentor new beekeepers.

How To Become A Beekeeper? 5 Steps To Be A Professional BeeKeeper!
106/1: Beekeeping training

Learn what types of tools and equipment you need to buy and where are they available. Find there how to manage beehives, swarming, and also learn about bee behavior. This introductory class will help enough to start beekeeping as hobby.

02. Purchase Tools & Equipment

Beekeeping requires a lot of tools, equipment and supplies. So, beekeepers should be prepared to spend a considerable amount of money for this purpose. Things will be needed for beekeeping are: beehives, protective clothes, hand gloves, hat, veil, jacket, net mask, and very common hive tools – smoker, brush, scraper etc.

How To Become A Beekeeper? 5 Steps To Be A Professional BeeKeeper!
106/2: Tools & Equipment

While become more knowledgeable, buy specialized equipment like propolis trap/queen excluder, honey extractor, honey processing equipment and so on. Gradually read and learn deeply on beekeeping, become more familiar with bees and practice as recommended.

Buy Beekeeping Equipment & Tools required to maintain your beehives efficiently. Proper tools will make beekeeping easier and comfortable.

03. Buy Your Bees

Ordering bees is easier as many beekeeping supply companies are available. Some bee supply companies require you to come and pick from their houses. Usually, bees are purchased as pound weight. Each beehive contains 3 pounds of bees and usually consists of approximately 12,000 bees including a queen. Orders are shipped in a wooden crate with screen sides, roughly in a shoebox size. The total shipment cost may vary from $100 to $200 depending on where to delivered and pick up your bees.

How To Become A Beekeeper? 5 Steps To Be A Professional BeeKeeper!
106/3: Buy your bees

For safety reason and to reduce the rate of death during transportation, it’s recommended to collect your bees by yourself instead of shipment in mail order. Also try to buy it from a reputed beekeeper and transport it at night and cold weather if possible.

And collect it from somewhere near to you instead of long distance. Thus you can bring your bees more safely avoiding more death and damage. Remember, it’ll be very difficult to raise your bees if they die too much during transportation.

04. Install Your Bees in the Hive

After getting the bees, spray them gently with sugar-syrup and keep them in a cool, dark room for few hours. That will help to relief from stress of shipping/transportation. Repeat the spray of sugar-syrup before installing them in the hives. Don’t forget to wear the protective clothes while installing beehives.

How To Become A Beekeeper? 5 Steps To Be A Professional BeeKeeper!
106/4: Install bees in beehive

To install beehives, just remove the queen & feeder from the box and keep them aside. Then remove few frames from the beehive to make some space and shake the bee box upside-down on the hive to release bees from the box.

Spread some candy sugar and place the cage of queen in hive to release the queen. Install the queen at last by removing the cork of protective cage containing the queen. Candy sugar will help energize the bees to release the queen from her cage.

05. Maintain your bees well

How To Become A Beekeeper? 5 Steps To Be A Professional BeeKeeper!How To Become A Beekeeper? 5 Steps To Be A Professional BeeKeeper!
106/5: Maintain beehives

Maintenance of beehives are very important and difficult as their life style is different than other animals or insects. So, you should learn how to maintain beehives from expert beekeepers. If necessary contact your local beekeeping association or government officials. Try to keep your beehives always healthy.

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