How To Generate A New Queen Honey Bee Or How To Re-queen In A Queenless hive? (109)

Queen Honey Bee: After making sure that the hive is nicely populated and producing sufficient honey, the beekeepers try to produce queen bee which is called re-queen or queening about early spring or in the fall. The beekeepers kill and discard the old queen, and re-queening is done annually. Now you have to know how to re-queen manually. Why to re-queen? Read and learn more Queen Honey Bee – Queening Or Re-queen Of Honey Bee queen.

Queening of Queen Honey Bee

Why to re-queen?

If the existing queen becomes old and unable to lay adequate eggs, you should discard it or kill it and produce a new queen. The procedure of making a new queen is called Queening or Re-queen.

If the queen is lost somehow you should make a new queen to keep your colony safe and unaffected. It can be lost when fly out to meet the male bees and attacked by birds. Or it can be injured during flying and attacked by other insects.

How To Generate A New Queen Honey Bee Or How To Re-queen In A Queenless hive?
109/1: Birds attack bees and queen

You should not keep long time your colony without queen. While a queen lost in any reason discussed above, you have to manage a new queen as soon as possible. Otherwise the colony will be unbalanced and other bees will lose their usual working spirit. So, you may purchase or borrow a queen from other bee keepers.

How to re-queen?

If you wish to re-queen, select a colony that has enough workers bee or female, sufficient eggs and pupa with pollen stock. When the colony is in a flower garden or field, it’s the best time to produce queen. And it’s far better if you have few number of queen cells in the hive.


How To Generate A New Queen Honey Bee Or How To Re-queen In A Queenless hive?
109/2: Queen cells

If not, you may bring such queen cells from another colony, and keep it in a place surrounded by workers bees. But generating a queen is really you need to have expertise in Beekeeping. Queen and female bees are born from the eggs of queen, which is called fertile eggs.

But which will be queen and which will be female workers, it depends on the food provided & nursing at early stage. Naturally they feed royal jelly to whom they wish to get as Queen, and bee bread for the rest of the pupa. After a specific time period you’ll get your queen.

Now question is that why you need new queen? If your existing queen becomes weak and unable to lay sufficient eggs, then you have to discard it and generate a new queen. Usually the worker bees will look after this and take necessary action for re-queening. If they fail then you try by yourself. Or if you miss your existing queen anyway, you have to produce a new queen.

How To Generate A New Queen Honey Bee Or How To Re-queen In A Queenless hive?
109/3: How To Generate A New Queen?

Remember, the Queen will born naturally and just you can boost up the generating process. It’s completely a technical job and you’ll have to be aware of whole process of re-queening very well. For this process you may need to buy queen excluder and queen catcher clip.

Tips and Warnings

If you try to re-queen when the hives are in flower garden or field, you will not get enough honey as expected. Because many worker bees will be busy to prepare the queen instead of collecting honey. So, it is better to re-queen when the hives come back from flower garden. This is applicable for portable bee hives. However, if re-queening is essential, do it and be satisfied with the minimum production of honey.

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