Keeping Bees – Beekeeping Information For Kids – INFORMATION SHEET 27. (134)

Keeping bees Information For Kids: Information on Beekeeping or Keeping Bees is for helping your kids learn about the bee. Worker honey bees are sexually underdeveloped females smaller in size than the queen capable to laying fewer eggs under specific circumstances. Those worker bees lay eggs are called laying workers. These eggs are kept in worker cells, develop into smaller drones but functional. Read more: Keeping Bees Information For Kids to help Your Kids Learn About The Bee.

INFORMATION SHEET 27: Information For Kids on Keeping Bees

Physiological and actual age of worker bees

The worker bees show evidence of distinct division of labor based primarily on their physiological age. But modify somewhat if needs for the colony. During the active season while the colony is raising brood and storing food, the physiological age of worker bees is similar to actual age. But in winter they become younger. During the dearth periods of winter, a 60 day old bee becomes younger physiologically than a 20 day old bee in summer.

Keeping Bees – Beekeeping Information For Kids – INFORMATION SHEET 27.
134/1:  Physical age and actual age of worker honey bees.

The Life of worker Honey Bee

These eggs hatch into worker-bee-larvae in 3 days, are fed Bee bread for 2.50 days, and then diet include pollen and honey for 2.50 days. They are sealed into their cells for 12 days. During this period they turn a shelter and converted to pupae from larvae. They rise as adult bees in 20 days after the eggs were laid.

How the Worker Honey Bee & Queen bee grows?

They are grown in usual cells where queen grows in special cells. Their food is also different than the queen. The queen is fed Royal jelly instead of Bee bread. For these causes it takes 5 days more to develop than the queen and their life is expected to 5 weeks in summer, 4 months in winter.

A queen can live up to 4 years, but not capable to lay sufficient eggs over whole life. When the eggs are not enough to keep the colony healthy, the worker bees make queen cell for the preparation of a new queen.

Keeping Bees – Beekeeping Information For Kids – INFORMATION SHEET 27.
134/2: Queen Cells.

The Beekeepers use these queen cells to generate a new queen. When a new queen born, usually the beekeepers discard the old queen. Any worker larvae of 24 hours to 48 hours old can form into a queen if kept in queen cells, exclusively nursed and fed royal jelly with proper colony conditions. The nurse bees are responsible to construct queen cells for the developing larvae. Rearing of queens or re-queen for selling in the market is highly specialized jobs in beekeeping.

The worker bees differ noticeably from the queen in many respects. These differences are in functions, duration of life, behavior and structure. Worker bees have longer tongue for gathering nectar from flowers, adapted jaws especially designed to enable building comb, special glands for secreting royal jelly for the queen and function in communication.

They also have enzymes for the conversion of nectar into honey, highly specialized legs to gather and carry pollen, four pairs of wax glands on the bottom of abdomen to discharge wax, straight pointed sting for the protection of colony. Their sting is smooth and curved and used to destroy competitor queens.


Work schedule and duties

01. Generally, bees under 3 days old are responsible to clean and polish the cells for the queen to lay eggs and for storage of food.

02. 3 to 7 days old bees feed the older larvae.

03. 14 to 21 days old bees search for pollen and

04. 21 days and above old bees search for nectar. So, all the bees of the colony are responsible for more or less and contribute to the whole process of converting nectar into honey. They are also responsible in air conditioning of the colony to maintain appropriate and ideal temperature and humidity. This act is performed by moving their wings. Sometimes they throw out the air from the colony, and sometimes they enter air from outside as needed.

Keeping Bees – Beekeeping Information For Kids – INFORMATION SHEET 27.
134/3: Worker Bee Life Cycle.

05. Other labor activities are: gathering water and propolis and to defense the colony. Propolis is one kind of gum used to make any bondage or cover any hole.7 to 14 days old bees secrete royal jelly to feed the queen, younger worker larvae, and queen larvae of any age. They also squirt wax for building comb.

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Resources of information

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Photo Credit – Google images – unrestricted
Experience of my own beekeeping project

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