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Multifunctional Bee Hive Scraper Tool

Bee Keeping Equipment – How To Use Beehive Tools And Equipment?
136/3: Bee Keeping Equipment

Multifunctional Beehive Scraper tool is very essential for beekeepers to open the hive cover, disclose frames and remove clutter. Bees collect propolis (gum) from trees and use to joint frames, cover holes or gapes which makes difficult for beekeepers to remove hive cover and frames. Beehive tools like scraper helps them to maintain beehives without harming or disturbing bees. Sometimes it’s impossible to open hive cover and frames without this tool.


Mann Lake DC680 Sticky Board with Screen


Beekeeper’s Journal – Beekeeping Adventures

The Beekeeper's Journal: An Illustrated Register for Your Beekeeping Adventures
The Beekeeper’s Journal: Your Beekeeping Adventures

If you want to be an ideal beekeeper, you have to read, study and think more and more. Beekeeper’s journal is one of them to help you boost your knowledge about beekeeping and how to successfully maintain your beehives. Remember, Beekeeping is fully technical job and scientifically maintain to produce more honey, which ultimately boost your revenue.

There are several diseases that can destroy honey bees which is challenging for beekeepers to keep their bees healthy. Colony collapse disorder is one of the worst thing for which beekeepers are struggling and anxious to avoid this.

Cheap Bee Keeping Suit & Tool Set

 Beekeeping Tools Kit – Essential 6 Pcs.

Commercial grade bee smoker
Commercial grade bee smoker

Commercial Grade Bee Smoker – Heavy Duty Stainless Steel with Metal Heat Shield and Metal Hook

Bee Smoker is another essential tool for beekeepers to avoid bee sting. Remember, beekeeping were fun if beekeepers can avoid bee sting. Bee sting is always painful regardless of their species and some type of bee sting is dangerous, specially hornet and wild bees. Bee smoker is the only tool that can save from bee sting while you wear bee suit, gloves and shoes.

The image in the left side is a commercial grade smoker for heavy duty and excellent performance. I recommend it for its quality, price and long life. Stainless steel makes it durable and robust.

Cheap Beekeeping Tools Kit

UMF Certified, Pure Natural Raw Manuka Honey from New Zealand

Long sleeve hand gloves
Long sleeve hand gloves

Beekeeping Protective Gloves with Long Sleeves

Beekeepers handle most beekeeping works by hand and thus it becomes risky for them to keep safe from bee sting. Long sleeve hand gloves are easy to wear, flexible to use and easily match with skin. Bees can’t insert their stinger into skin while you wear long sleeve hand gloves. It’ll cover most part of your arm and keep you safe.

Short sleeve hand gloves can’t help you enough as bees are very clever and efficient in stinging. They will enter into your shirt before your eyes, especially if you don’t wear bee suit. So, always take care about it and don’t be lazy to wear bee suit, veil, hand gloves, shoes etc. Before wearing your hand gloves, please remove your watch, ring or brace if any.

The Beekeeper’s Bible: Bees, Honey, Recipes & Other Home Uses


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