10 Fascinating facts about honey bees! (161)

10 Fascinating facts: We know that honey bee is very much beneficial than any other insects. Because they help to the pollination of our fruits and crop. It’s only the insects capable to produce honey. We are aware of these things. But there are several interesting things we don’t know. Find here 10 amazing facts that you never knew. I also published a video on my Youtube channel to make it amazing. Because most of us prefer to watch video than to read articles.

10 Fascinating facts about honey bees!

Most of the people know about honey-moon, but don’t know where this term came from. The male bee or drone can mate with Queen only one time in his entire life and loss his genital forever. To learn more about this fact, find here: A Male Bee or Drone Can Mate with the Queen Only One Time in Entire Life! What Happens to Your Body When You Start Eating Honey Every Day? These are the few things I mentioned here. From the Video you’ll learn about the 10 fascinating facts that you never knew before today. Some of these facts will touch in your heart and remain in your memory long time.

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Watch Video: 10 Fascinating facts about honey bees!

What are the facts about honey bee?

01. History of honey bee is million of years.

02. It’s only the insect capable to produce honey.

03. It has 170 aroma receptors.

04. It can fly 15 miles per hour.

05. Life span of worker bee is 6 weeks and Queen bee is up to 5 years.

06. The male bee is known as Drone and exist in the hive only to mate with the queen. He will loss his genital organ after mating only one time.

07. Dance is the only media to express themselves.

08. They are very organized and like to live colonial life.

09. Prior to 1660’s Queen’s ovary was not discovered and assumed as King bee.

10. A newly wed couple was supposed to consume a cup of mead each day for a moon month in northern European. Mead is a special type of alcoholic beverage made with honey. Honey-moon came from there.

For more information about 10 fascinating facts, please watch the video above.

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