Carpenter Bee Traps: How To Prevent & Getting Rid of Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter Bee Traps: How To Prevent & Getting Rid of Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bee traps: Learn how to make Carpenter bee traps at home for getting rid of carpenter bees. First of all, identify carpenter bees properly. Ensure whether it’s Bumblebee or carpenter bee by distinguishing accurately. Remember, Abdomen of Carpenter bees are smooth and shiny black.

And they are an extreme annoyance for homeowners. Usually, they prefer nesting in wood, tree, or similar things where they can make a hole. They make a hole with their sharp and strong nose.

The hole is about ½ inch wide for their passage. Inside the hole, they make a wider tunnel 3-4 inches deep. And that’s an ideal place for their laying eggs.

At first, make a plan, collect material, and do it yourself (DIY) at home. Step-by-step guidelines are given below with images to help you make it easier. Bees are very beneficial for the environment, pollination service, and produce honey. But hornets and carpenter bees are destructive and we should kill them.

Homemade Carpenter bee traps

Step One

For this project, you need an untreated softwood of 0.75 inches thick, 4.50 inches wide, and 5 feet long. Other materials are one 20 ounces clear plastic bottle with cap and some nails or screws for trap assembly.

Step Two

Using a woodcutter or hand saw cut the following lengths: Four pieces of 8 inches long for sides, two 7 inches long for the roof, and one 6 inches long for the bottom. f you don’t have yet or want to replace the old one, you can buy a famously branded woodcutter here: Powered Handsaw with Storage Bag – Model PHS550B, 3.4 Amp, by Black & Decker.

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