130: Lifespan of a Bee: Life Cycle of Honey Bee Diagram.
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Lifespan of a Bee: Life Cycle of Honey Bee Diagram.

The lifespan of a Bee: Life Cycle of Honey Bee Diagram.

The life cycle of Honey Bee: The history of the honey bee is very ancient. From the cave painting, it has been learned that the habit of honey collection and beekeeping has been going on since the stone age. The honey bee is originated in Europe.

The North American brought about honey bees from there. Honey bees are not as aggressive as men think. There are several species of bees other than honey bees, such as carpenter bee, Yellowjacket bee, Wasp, etc are ferocious.

They do not attack or sting unless they are attacked by an invader. They try first to save their hive and themselves. When they fail, they make a counter-attack. The honey bee has a great history of high socialism. They are more organized than any other insects. They have particular rules for every group. The duties and responsibilities also differ from queen bee to worker bees.

Queen bee can live a few years. The worker or female bees’ life span is very short. They can live only 6 weeks during the busy summer. In winter they live 4-9 months. Male bees or drones may live a few weeks to 3/4 months. But drones who mate with the queen they die as the drone’s reproductive organs/genitalia are torn away from their body.

When is honeybee busier?

During summer honey bee is very busy to collect honey from flowers to flowers. They also make and repair their hives during this time. They collect their food at this time. During winter they are very idle. The foods that they store in a hive during summer, they eat them during winter. They can live long in winter.

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