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I am a Professional Accountant (CA Course completed) worked in a Private group of companies as a GM (General Manager) and currently busy with the following websites:

  1. Bee-Apiary
  2. Fleas & Bedbugs
  3. Article Squad
  4. Cash Your Phones

and Youtube Video Channels:

  1. Best Info
  2. Health Tips
  3. Matir Manush (বাংলা)

My objective is to help people with the information they search on the web and I always try to provide accurate information I know and satisfied. My youtube channel is getting popularity and till today on 17/09/2018 Bedbugs Remedy channel has 27 Lac visitors and more than 8 thousand subscribers within one and half years.  The websites thebeeifno.com and fleabitesinfo.org are very popular in the USA and most of my visitors are from there.

Thank you.

About Me
Shamsul Arafin

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