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I am a Professional Accountant (CA Course completed) worked in a Private group of companies as a GM (General Manager).

Welcome to our site! We are building up the personalities and giving the tips which you can use for yourself. We provide you with the best tips that support perusers’ profitability rather than site visits and time nearby. We always try to provide helpful and reliable information from experts and professionals including researchers’ findings.

I am currently busy with the following websites:


This website contains information regarding beekeeping and honey bee apiary including honey bee lifestyle. Beekeepers keep bees for honey and money and you can start beekeeping as a hobby, a small business, or a full-time business on a large scale. Remember, beekeeping is fun while you ignore beesting and the hard work of harvesting honey. Beekeepers are agreed to do this hard work and are happy to harvest honey and try to avoid bee stings.

Fleas & Bedbugs

Here we have explained fleas and bed bugs infestation, remedies, home treatment, and how to get rid of bed bugs fast and effectively. Also, we gather information from experts and professional exterminators regarding home treatment and the consequence of not treating in the early stage.


This is an Ads website and also, includes information about grooming, health and fitness, DIY tech ideas, smart technology, mobile phone, and smart city ideas. You can find here several trending topics and the most popular ideas for the USA young generation. And Youtube Video Channels:

Best Info

Matir Manush

Health Tips (বাংলা)

My objective is to help people with the information they search on the web and I always try to provide accurate information I know and am satisfied with. My youtube channel is getting popularity and today Bedbugs Remedy channel has Millions of visitors and more than 10 thousand subscribers.  The websites thebeeifno.com and fleabitesinfo.org are very popular in the USA and most of my visitors are from there.

About Me
Shamsul Arafin

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