Are Bedbugs Impossible to Get Rid of?

The answer is: It’s not impossible, but It can be difficult to eliminate bed bugs. So, no need to throw out all of your things because most of them can be treated and kept, specially if the infestation is in low level. On the other hand, throwing stuff out is expensive, may spread bed bugs to other people’s homes, and could cause more stress.
We recommend you to try to do it yourself (DIY) in a low level of infestation only. If the infestation is serious, then it’s wise to call a pest control professional. But at first, you must make sure you really have bed bugs, not fleas, ticks, or other insects. Hiring an experienced, and expert pest control professional can increase your chance of success in getting rid of bed bugs. Their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach is a very effective and perfect method of killing bedbugs even in extreme level of infestation.
01. Cleaning up the clutter by Reducing the number of hiding places. If you have bed bugs in your mattress, use a special bed bug covers (encasement) on your mattress and box springs to make it harder for bed bugs to come in you while you are sleeping. Leave the encasement on for a year, so that they will die due to lack of foods.
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