Bee Suit–BeeKeeping Suit: 5 Easy Steps To Make A Beekeeper Suit at Home.

Bee Suit–Beekeeping Suit: 5 Easy Steps To Make A Beekeeper Suit at Home.

BeeKeeping Suit: Beekeeping for business or hobby is fun except for bee stings. If it’s not done carefully or not wear beekeeper Suit, you maybe wind up with some cruel bee stings. It can help you enough to stay safe and let you work with beehives and avoid bee sting.

Beekeeping Suit is available to buy in any Beekeeping supply company such as Mann Lake, Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, Thorne, etc. Even you can buy it online from Amazon, eBay, etc. Another name of bee suit is Bee Costume and its definition is given below:

Bee Costume: Beekeepers costume is a head-to-toe suit, designed to protect them from bee stings. It’s not so difficult to make a home-made costume and some people like to do it on their own.

Costumes can be made from white suits available in craft materials shops or items you have in your closet. While making the beekeeper costumes for young children, keep in mind some extra safety concerns of children.

The Basic Outfit

Although beekeeper suits may vary in styles, most are white. It’s because white color discourages bees to sting and usually they are attracted to dark colors.

For the base of costume, use a one-piece painter’s dress, available at the home-improvement store. Or a pair of loose white pants with a long-sleeved white shirt can be used also.

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