Bee Suit – BeeKeeping Suit: 5 Easy Steps To Make A Beekeeper Suit. (119)

BeeKeeping Suit: Beekeeping for business or hobby is fun except bee stings. If it’s not done carefully or not wear beekeeper Suit, you may be wind up with some cruel bee stings. It can help you enough to stay in safe and let you to work with beehives and avoid bee sting. Beekeeping Suit is available to buy in any Beekeeping supply company such as Mann Lake, Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, Thorne etc. Even you can buy it online from Amazon, eBay etc. Read and learn more How to make the best beekeeper suit – only 5 easy steps to make a beekeeper suit by yourself.

5 easy steps to Make a Beekeeping suit:

Beekeeper’s suit is not so difficult to make your own. If you don’t like to spend money for this purpose or like to make yourself then follow the steps stated below:

Things You’ll Need:

Light-colored coverall
Wide-brimmed hat
Small-opening netting
Leather gloves
Sewing machine


01. Collect a light colored coverall.

Buy or collect a light-colored coverall and stitch elastic to the wrist and ankle openings. The elastic helps to seal the coverall and keep bees away. The light color reduces the threats of bee sting as it discourages bees to sting. Add Velcro around the neck of the coverall; so that, the neck opening will be closed off while dressed.

Bee Suit – BeeKeeping Suit: 5 Easy Steps To Make A Beekeeper Suit.
Bee Suit – BeeKeeping Suit: 5 Easy Steps To Make A Beekeeper Suit.

02. Wear a pair of boots.

Wear such pair of boots that reach above the ankles and can be tied tightly. Your regular boots can work fine if it’s as per stated here.

03. Wear Hand Gloves.

Also wear leather hand gloves that expand above your wrists. Find for a pair that fit tightly at the top and don’t flair open to let bees in.

04. Stitch small opening.

Stitch small-opening netting to the edge of a wide-brimmed cap. Allow the netting to cover about four inches under the neckline of the coverall. Also add Velcro around the bottom border of the netting. Ensure the matching on the netting and coverall. Or stitch the hook-type on one part and the eye-type on other part.

05. Wear the Cap.

Wear the cap at first when dressing. Then dress the coveralls and tie up the Velcro on the mesh to the Velcro on the collar of the coverall. Lastly wear the boots and hand gloves. Now you know how to make a beekeeper’s suit. If you feel very hassle to make then you can buy it from any store stated above. Even you can buy it online and get at your home.

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