Bee Suit–BeeKeeping Suit: 5 Easy Steps To Make A Beekeeper Suit at Home.

With this dress, wear a pair of work boots/tall rain boots/ high-top sneakers. Push the pant legs inside boots as real beekeepers use. Bees are very clever at finding their way inside clothing.

Hand gloves are other beekeepers’ essential tools. Leather hand gloves are the best if available. If not, wear yellow dishwashing gloves with your costumes.

The Headgear

Beekeepers wear headgear that you can buy from any basic craft supplies shop. Buy a white hat made from canvas/ straw/ plastic. Hat’s screen can be made from mosquito netting or white tulle, available at cloth stores.

Cut a piece of netting slightly longer than the boundary of your hat. The width should equal distance from the edge to just under your shoulders.

Use white channel tape to attach the netting to the hat and close the edges where the pieces of netting overlap. Although true beekeeper hats are frequently sealed at the bottom, you can keep yours open to eat and drink in your costumes.

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