Bee Swarm: How To Catch Swarm Of Bees And Install In A Beehive.

How To Catch Swarm Of Bees And Install In A Beehive

How to catch a swarm of bees: To catch the swarm of bees and installing in a beehive can save your money but you have to ensure the species of bees you’re going to catch. Because all bees are not profitable to keep and some species are very ferocious and their stings are very dangerous. 

These are the natural bees caught to populate beehives.  Remember, the commercial beekeepers are not very interested to catch these natural bees. Instead, they use Apis Mellifera or Apis Cerena to maximize the profit of their business.

Learn how to catch a swarm of bees and install them in the beehive. Find here step-by-step instructions to help you successfully install a swarm of bees in the hive. To learn more, click here. Here is an image of the honeybee nest in a garden tree. This type of bees is easy to catch and keep in the beehive as there is a small distance between the bee nest and ground.

In this image, you see that a beekeeper is covered with a bee suit and collecting bees from the natural beehive in a small tree. You can keep some honey in the frame to attract bees to come in the frame and then keep bees in your box. There are usually 8 or 10 frames in the box and wax sheets are installed in each frame.

The box must be empty and without any previous bees. If you keep these new bees with previous bees, then they with the fight with each other and kill them. Previous bees will never accept new bees in the colony. If all bees are new then they will recognize each other and rearrange themselves in the colony.

Collecting a swarm of bees from a small tree is easier than a tall tree. Also, it’s easy to catch and keep in the box. Because you can keep the box near to the bee nest and on the ground.  But if the bees nest is at the long height from the ground you need some extra arrangement to keep the box near the nest.

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