Beehive Equipment: How To Use Beehive Equipment & Tools?

Beehive Equipment: How To Use Beehive Equipment & Tools?

How To Use Beehive Equipment: Proper tools and equipment will make your beekeeping easier and save a lot of time as well as money. Beekeeping equipment is essential to keep your bees healthy. Tools are necessary for removing the hive cover, as well as for separating and cleaning the frames installed in the hive box.

Different types of tools and equipment are used for removing propolis, opening honeycombs, extracting honey, filtering, and processing honey. Find here how the beekeeping equipment and tools are used in Beekeeping.

Beehive Equipment

How to use Beehive Tools & Equipment?

Here are some basic beekeeping tools and their uses discussed briefly. Remember, all tools and equipment are used to maintain your beehives efficiently.

01. Hand Gloves

Hand gloves are essential to keep safe your hands while working on a beehive. Hands are more likely to get stung as mostly comes in contact with bees. For better protection leather gloves are recommended.

02. Use smoker

A smoker is a metal pot with attached bellows, an essential tool for a beekeeper. A smoker blows a puff of smoke on the hives when necessary. Suitable fuel materials include cotton rags, coconut bark, pine needles, and cardboard, and tobacco is used to make it more effective.

The smoke causes the bees to become calm, so they are less likely to become annoyed or excited which may restrict from stings. When bees are smoked, they sense danger and reduce their anger.

Some smoke may be blown before opening the beehives. A large scale of smoke should be blown if the hive is attacked by the mite. But too much smoke will drive bees away from the hives.

The best-size smoker for an individual beekeeper is the 4 x 7-inch machine available in the market which is medium size and The University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences recommends this size.

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