Beekeeper License: Simple Ways To Get A Beekeeper License. (121)

Beekeeper License: To keep a healthy & productive beehives you have to follow some rules and regulation.  This regulations are in compliance with state specific requirements. Beekeeper License is one of that requirements. There are several sources to help you regarding this and boost your productivity. Learn how to get beekeeper’s License.

Beekeeper License: Simple Ways To Get A Beekeeper License.

Beekeeping is a popular hobby for few people and becoming a favorite career for some enthusiastic young who like to establish their own business. There are several dangers to avoid and the each state has some requirements to meet for beekeeping.



The processing of License starts from visiting the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) website.  But not in all states require beekeepers to be licensed. Instead, they do require a registration and inspection process similar to licensing.

Beekeeper License: Simple Ways To Get A Beekeeper License.
121/1: Beekeeper License

To find information regarding this, just type “apiary license or beekeeper license” in search feature on USDA website. Apiary is a very common and professional term recognized everywhere including government. It indicates how the bees are kept commercially


Either require registering beehives or obtaining beekeeper license through USDA, the information should be available in the above search result. And the Application Forms should be available in PDF, usually contain one or two pages. For registering they need to know where to keep the bees and how many hives to keep.

Fees for registering or licensing is usually nominal and based on number of colonies or beehives you own. Fill the above PDF form and mail to States Department of Agriculture with a check include for fees.


Some states not yet started providing the registering or licensing forms on their websites, instead require to email or phone them to inspect your Apiary. Contact information is available in the Department of Agriculture’s website for inspection.

After passing the inspection on apiary, Application form will be provided to fill up and send them back with required fees.


If the state’s department of agriculture is unable to provide information regarding compliance of state’s regulation, the best source of state regulation is the Apiary Inspectors of America. Their website have state by state listing of all The Apiary Inspectors of America with contact information.

So, contact them directly to get any information you need regarding beekeeping in general, such as – registering, licensing, inspection, beekeeping guidance etc.


American Beekeeping Federation and The National Honey Board are additional sources of information and assistance. These are the greatest national organizations to assist beekeepers in everything from compliance of regulation to apiary health and marketing.

They also will help to connect your local beekeepers near to you as they have all the beekeepers list.

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