Beekeeping Calendar for Beekeepers: Beehive Management Schedule For 12 months.

Beekeeping Calendar: Beehive Management Schedule For 12 months

Beekeeping Calendar: Beehive management schedule is not the same for all the seasons of the year. It may differ from month to month based on the nature, environment, and availability of flowers near to the bee colonies. So beekeepers should know very well about the preparation necessary in each month.

A list of necessary items is mentioned below for each month from January to December. Beekeepers should follow this while they want to maintain their beehives efficiently.

January Needs:

(01) Beekeeping suit, (02) Smoker/hive tools, (03) Hive feeders, (04) Entrance reducers, (05) Books, (06) Package bees and queens.


o1. Reduce the hive entrance and check for blockage buildup from dead bees, debris, snow.

02. Ensure the roof is secured from Windy winter and spring weather.

03. Provide Emergency feeding if necessary.

04. Record your observations for each & every hive instead of relying on memory.

05. Take the time off to read a good book on bees and attend local bee club meetings.

06. Consign your packaged bees order for this year, if you haven’t yet done so.

February Needs:

(01) Beekeeping suit, (02) Smoker/hive tools, (03) Medication.


01. Medicate at least 60 days prior to adding supers.

02. As the cluster grows, shift frames with eggs to the center and move frames of sealed brood to the outer position.

03. Add brood chambers with a drawn comb to the strongest hives.

04. Reverse double brood chambers to shift the empty frames to the top and center. This will inspire the growth of the hive.

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