Beekeeping for Profit: How Much Money Can A Beekeeper Make Each Year?

Beekeeping for Profit – How Much Money Can A Beekeeper Make Each Year?

Beekeeping for Profit: Make Money From Beekeeping: There are several ways to earn money from beekeeping, Such as: selling local honey, bee wax, Lip balm, Candles, Soap, Toothpaste, Pollen, Pollination service, Swarm catching, beehive removal service, and so on. All of these may or may not be possible for you, but it is worth knowing about. Learn in detail about the benefits and challenges of beekeeping, and how much money can a beekeeper make each year.

Every beekeeper should know what are the benefit of beekeeping and the challenges they have to face. Find below all this information.

01. Sale of honey

The main product of the honey bee project is honey. So, the main revenue comes from the local sale of honey and others as the by-product. You can make lip balm, candles, toothpaste, soap, etc. to use or sell. You have to learn how to make these products. Its price is usually more than the price of the supermarket. It’s more reliable due to locally produce.

02. Rent to farmers or gardeners

If you have an extra beehive you can rent to farmers or gardeners. You can get from $30 to $100 per beehive for a few weeks of services. This service starts prior to pollination and continues to the end of pollination. This service is hired by farmers of blueberry, Apple, and Almond growers, etc.

03. Make wax sheet

You can melt beeswax to make the wax sheet to use as the base of the frame. This helps the bees to make their hive easily and within a short time. Also, you can make candles, soap bar, leap balm, etc. for own use or for selling. Even some people are making toothpaste also. You can make some dolls, animals, etc. from melted wax.

04. Collect pollen and sell

If you have a pollen collector then you can collect pollen from the bees and sell it in jars as a healthy food.

05. Sell excess bees

You can sell excess bees as a package @ US$ 60 to 70 for each 3-pound packet. Some beginners may want to buy a complete box with bees at $350 per box. Search those who need it. But for selling extra bees with a box you need to buy an extra beehive (box) which you can buy here: 10-Frame Traditional Complete Hive Kit, Painted Wood-Frames, 9-5/8-Inch by Mann Lake, Model HK170.

06. Catch swarm of bees

If you are able to catch a swarm of bees then you can provide this service to others with some fees or collect them to build a new hive. Let the local people know your telephone number and call you while they need it.

07. Beehive removing service

Beehive removing service is another great way to make money from beekeeping. You should be able to remove bees from walls, ceilings, trees, garages, or any other places where the customers needed.

08. Raising, packaging and selling queen bee

You can make money by raising, packaging, and selling queen bee. Make money by raising, packaging, and selling queen bee. Sometimes beekeepers lost their queens for many reasons and want to buy them. For starting a new hive they also need a queen bee.

09. Make Equipment to sell

If you have some good carpentry skills you can make a beehive, brood chamber, super box, separator, etc., and sell to other beekeepers.

10. Process raw honey from other beekeepers

Small beekeepers can’t buy processing machines due to their high price. But they can evaporate honey at home without any cost. If you feel the hassle to do it yourself you can buy a power blanket which can cost $100. You can buy it from Mann Lake, Thorne, or Brushy Mountain Bee Farm or online from Amazon: Powerblanket Lite, Model PBL05, 5-Gallon Insulated Pail Heater – Bucket Heater – capacity 5 Gallon = 19 Liter.

But if you already have a large-scale processing machine, you can process raw honey from other beekeepers and charge a fee per Kg. Don’t charge more than your nearest Beekeepers. Check with them, or the beekeeping association how much they are charging for each Kg of raw honey. You can earn a handsome amount in extra time after processing your own honey. Above all the benefits of beekeeping, you can get it if you are serious about it.


Remember, publicity can make your business well recognized and bring a reputation for your business. Publicity is the word of mouth among friends and relatives that do not cost anything but open a new door to earn money and expand your business.

Finally, always be the truth and respect your commitment. Keep in mind that Goodwill is an intangible asset that can be sold at a high price. That’s also valuable and helps you to survive your business for a long time.

How Much Money Can A Beekeeper Make Each Year?

Here we assess the average value of each item. Typically a beehive of 8/10 frames can produce 50 Kg honey per year. So, if you have 100 boxes then you’ll get 5000 Kg or 5 Ton honey per year. Now raw honey can be sold $5 per Kg. So, you can get $25,000 as revenue if sold as raw honey.

If you process it and sell after packaging, you’ll get $10 or more per Kg. Production costs including other expenditures will not be more than 60%. Also, you’ll get some revenue from other by-products and services as stated above. Now you can calculate roughly how much money can be earned from a farm of 100 beehives.

Remember, the above calculation is for 100 boxes. For fewer boxes, profitability will tend to be downward, and for more boxes upward. If you are a hobbyist, you can enjoy it very well and spend your time with fun.

Challenges of Beekeeping

Besides the picture of yearly revenue, you must know the challenges; so that, you can try to overcome them before this happens.

Varroa mites, honeybee diseases, and Colony collapse disorder are big threats for beekeepers. You should know how to tackle these situations. Learn about Honey bee diseases and treatments including varroa mite. You must have a well-organized business model and an effective marketing plan to succeed in this field. Try to be professional and prepared to face any challenges.

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