Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs? How to Kill Bedbugs with Clorox Bleach?

Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs? How to Kill Bedbugs with Clorox Bleach? Bed bugs destroy our comfort of sleeping & make us anxious in Bed.  Recent studies find a link between bedbug infestation and anxiety, and even suicide! Professional extermination is the best & recommended for bed bug infestation.  But this method is not affordable for everybody due to its high cost.

Burns Pest Elimination uses dogs, & heat to detect and exterminate bedbugs. This treatment can cost $400 to $2000, based on the type of property & extent of the infestation. Read and learn more about does bleach kills bed bugs? and How to Kill Bedbugs with Clorox bleach?

Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs? How to Kill Bedbugs with Clorox Bleach?
Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs? How to Kill Bedbugs with Clorox Bleach?

K-9 Patrol is another method and the New Weapon to detect Bed Bugs. Pepe Peruyero, the owner of J&K Canine Academy, started a pest control business with trained dogs to detect termites. Peruyero’s pest-detection canines cost around $8,000.

And their upkeep, including food, veterinary care, handler’s salary, and transportation, can range from $80,000 to $100,000 a year. The exclusive hotels usually use this expensive pest control service for guests’ comfort and to avoid potential lawsuits.

But we will explain here an inexpensive DIY method that works fine if done carefully.

Does Bleach kill bed bugs?

The answer is yes. Some home remedies are helpful at reducing or even sometimes eliminating bed bugs, such as Bleaching powder – Clorox.  You can use this to manage or eliminate irritating bedbug infestation.

For this method You’ll need The Following Things:

Washer with hot water capability, & Laundry soap.

Clorox liquid bleach or Clorox Color Safe Bleach.

A vacuum cleaner with the hose attachment.

Heavyweight kitchen or yard-size garbage bags with ties.

Flashlight, & Bucket.

Rubber utility gloves, & Washcloths, or scrub brush.

Water spray bottle, Heavy plastic sheeting, & Utility staple gun.


01. Inspect carefully:

Use a flashlight to inspect the mattress, box spring, and under furniture to ensure the presence of bedbugs. If you find live or dead bedbugs, their eggs, husks, or dung then definitely there is a bedbug infestation. And check if there is any symptom of bedbugs on family members.

02. Remove all junk & disorders:

Remove all unnecessary items such as magazines, papers, and boxes of waste that are the ideal places for bedbugs to hide. So, this clutter should be thrown out as soon as possible. Pull drawers from dressers, and remove the box spring and mattress from the bed frame. Bend the box spring and mattress against a wall.

03. Clean Well:

Clean the quilt, blankets, sheets, and any other washable clothing inside dressers using laundry detergent, boiling water, and Clorox. Clorox does make a color-safe peroxide for colored fabrics. Make sure the wash cycles are used in the setting. Dry all items in the maximum heat the fabric can tolerate. This ensures the killing of any mature bedbugs, nymphs, and eggs.

Clean with a vacuum cleaner the mattress thoroughly using the hose attachment to get around buttons, piping, and cushion tops on the mattress. Also clean around the box springs, especially if there is any hole in the fabric covering the underside of the box spring. If the ragged material is beyond repair, then remove it overall.

Thoroughly vacuum the inside and outside of all dressers, furniture & fixtures, and nightstands.  Tremble out any non-washable clothing items that were in the dresser. Keep the non-washable clothing items in garbage bags, & Depart the bagged items for at least 48 hours. Clean the carpet with a Vacuum cleaner, especially where the bed and mattress were, under the head and footboards and other pieces of furniture.

04. Remove vacuum bag:

Remove the bag from the vacuum cleaner, or drain the removable container into a plastic bag, seal it well, and dumping it in a trash can.

05. Spray Clorox Mixture:

Mix equal parts of Clorox bleach and hot water in a container. Fill up a spray bottle with this mixture and position the nozzle to spray. Wear rubber gloves to prevent irritation of the hands from Clorox.

Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs? How To Kill Bed Bugs With Clorox Bleach? (203)
Position the nozzle to spray

Spread the Clorox mixture on the mattress and box spring thoroughly; particularly under buttons, piping, and cushion top. Never use straight bleach on the mattress. Keep in mind that Bleach is always irritant to the skin even after dry.

Now you need to wear hand gloves for safety. Because Clorox is not safe for your skin.

06. Wash infested areas:

Mix some Clorox with water in a bucket, use a washcloth with the Clorox mixture, and drenched it out. Clean any washable areas in the room with the washcloth, specifically the innards of dressers, drawers, baseboards, and lighting fixtures. Don’t excessively saturate the outer surface of things, as Clorox can damage or weaken the surface of some furniture finishes.

07. Keep back everything after drying:

Put back as before everything after thoroughly dried. If the fabrics were removed from the bottom of the box spring, use plastic sheeting to cover the naked box spring, securing it with staples no more than 1 inch apart. Remake the bed with the newly germ-free bedding. After 48 hours, the clothing bags can be opened, and the items keep back in the dresser.

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Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs? How To Kill Bed Bugs With Clorox Bleach? (203)
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Tips & Warnings

Frequent bedding changes can help to control bedbugs. Try to wash the bedding in hot water with Clorox. In the case of extreme infestation where home remedies don’t work, a professional exterminator must be consulted.

Improper use of Clorox can cause skin irritation, including eczema, and allergic reactions. So, take special care about it and never use undiluted bleach on a mattress.

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