Learn Why A Male Bee or Drone Mate with the Queen Only One Time in His Entire Life!

A Male or Drone Mate with the Queen Only One Time in Entire Life!

Almost all types of animals are found to use the same sexual procedure. But dogs are different and unable to remove their genitals until becoming cool. Honey bees are further different than that. A Male can use his genital or sexual organ only one time in his entire life. Can you say how many times did you have had sex in your life?

Perhaps nobody can say, even nobody tries to count it. The correct answer is unlimited times. So, you should thank your God for arranging you to use sex unlimited times in your entire life. Learn more about why a male bee can mate with the queen only one time in his whole life!

While a Queen bee needs to mate, she flies and a few male bees follow to reach her. They sex with Queen first come first basis in the fly as shown in the picture below. The Queen mates with several male bees in one fly and reach the hive with huge (at least 70 Million) sperm.

While a Queen bee needs to mate, she flies and a few male bees follow to reach her. Drone or male bees sex with the Queen first come first basis on the fly. Before mating, the males or drones extend their genitals into the Queen’s sexual organ.

After completion of sex, he is not capable to remove it. While trying to remove it several times, usually it breaks and separated from his body. Due to the losses, a vital organ of his body, the male bee becomes weak and sometimes falls on the ground and is about to die.

Even if some of them luckily can reach in the hive, but thrown out by the females or worker bees. Because they keep the male in the hive only for mating with the Queen and control the number of males in the hive as per the requirement of the whole colony.

Without genitals, they are useless and neglected in the colony. So, a male can make the choice from any of these two: a life without sex or one-time sex with a horrible death.

The Queen was King bee

The Queen bee is far larger than all other bees. In the 1660s a Dutch biologist Jan Swammerdam discovered ovaries in the Queen bees. Before this, the Queen bee was known as the King bee. Do you watch the sex of dogs ever? Finally, dogs are capable to remove their genitals but bees are not. This is the arrangement of the creator and we can do nothing against it.


The term “honeymoon” came from an old northern European custom, where a newlywed couple was supposed to consume a cup of mead each day for a month. Mead is a special type of alcoholic beverage made with honey and people used to gauge time by the lunar cycles in the past. So, honey+moon or honey-moon came from there.

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