Harvest Honey: 6 Steps of Harvesting Honey In Apiary. (125)

Harvest honey: People those who are passionate about the bee, they want to learn the honey bee life style. They also want to know how to keep honey bees, how the honey is produced, and what are the steps to harvest or extract honey. Harvesting or extracting honey is the most hard work in beekeeping. But usually beekeepers are very happy to do it as it’s the main product of bee farm. Learn here how to extract or harvest honey and what are the steps of this hard work.

Before harvesting honey there are several preliminary works that professional beekeepers know very well. For beginners, preparing the bee hives and checking the status of honey is the main work. For better quality honey you have to keep them 4 weeks before extracting. But some greedy beekeepers collect honey each week for getting more production. It’s not correct from the view of quality of product. Early harvesting means to extract honey before natural evaporation of moisture.

6 steps of Harvest Honey in Traditional Bee keeping

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(1) Safety first – Protect yourself

At first wear Beekeeping suits, Veil, Shoes, & Gloves to Protect yourself from bee stings.

Use smoker: Make enough smoke and use smoker to calm the bees and let them not tend to sting. Tobacco or Smoker Pellet can be used to calm them easily. You can buy this from any grocery or super market near to you or online from amazon, ebay etc.

Harvesting Honey – 6 Steps To Extract Honey In Traditional Beekeeping.
125/1: At first protect yourself.

(2) Open hive cover slowly and Carefully

Open hive cover: Don’t be hurry up. Open the hive cover, and Lift heavy boxes slowly and carefully; so that they will not become aggressive to sting. Pull out the frames gently. Try not to press the bees, Remove honey bees from the combs with soft hair brush, or a leaf blower.

Leaf blower is little bit expensive, but help you to work fast. For small bee project just you can buy a horse hair brush.

(3) Transport the Frames

Transport the frames to a processing shed or extractor machine. Cut off the wax capping in each frame with a heated knife or automatic uncapping machine. Also you can use uncapping roller or fork, but the knife is perfect and you can efficiently work with it.

Harvesting Honey – 6 Steps To Extract Honey In Traditional Beekeeping.
125/2: Cut off wax capping with sharp and heated knife.

(4) Put honey combs in extractor machine

After uncapping the honey combs put them in an extractor machine to spin out or extract honey. The extractor machine can be of manual or automatic depending on the size of your farm. For a small project manual machine is recommended, because automatic machine is expensive and you can’t expect its optimum use. But for a large or commercial apiary Automatic extractor will increase your productivity, and a manual machine is impractical there.

(5) Clean up all the clutter

Harvesting Honey – 6 Steps To Extract Honey In Traditional Beekeeping.
125/3: Filter out all the clutter.

Filter out all the wax and dead bees, Clean up all the clutter to get pure honey. It may be necessary to filter several times with different sizes of holes in the sieve until you see it clutter free. After filtering well keep the honey in bucket for processing or packet it for selling unprocessed honey.

(6) Keep back all the frames

Finally you have to keep back all the frames you removed for extracting honey. Don’t put back any damaged frame. Because, the bees will spend too much time to repair this damage. So, it will disturb in their usual work flow and ultimately you’ll get less honey.

Harvesting Honey – 6 Steps To Extract Honey In Traditional Beekeeping.
125/4: Keep back all the frames.

That is all about 6 steps of extracting or harvesting honey in traditional beekeeping. Remember, harvesting process is not same for natural beehives. Usually from natural beehives honey is harvested by hand. And Beehives are collected from trees or gardens instead of honeycombs of apiary. So, hive collection is difficult and you don’t have any control over it. You have to search here and there for a natural hive and you don’t know where will you find it.

Tips & Warning

People those who are allergic to bee sting should not come in this profession. Wear complete bee suit before start this job. Don’t try to collect beehive or open hive cover at bright sun. Morning or evening is the best for harvesting honey.

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