Honey Bee Pictures & Images for Bee Hives, Bumble Bees, Bee Queens, & Honey

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Honey Bee Pictures & Images for Bee Hives, Bumble Bees, Bee Queens, & Honey

Find here all the images or pictures related to the honey bee, apiary, and natural beehives. People want to learn more about the honey bee and get a clear idea when they see the pictures. So, we try to provide different types of honey bees, apiary, and natural beehive pictures to help you know them well.

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Apiary Beehives

Honey Bee Hives: In the apiary, Beehives are naturally produced by bees and usually kept in a wooden box for Beekeeping. A box consists of 8 frames or 10 frames, which is called the Brood chamber. These frames are artificially produced by beekeepers with wax sheets to help the bees make their hives fast and easily.

While flowers are plentiful in nature like sunflower, mustard oil, Leches, etc. bees get enough nectar to collect and store in the hive. So, the beekeepers re-arrange their beehives as they tend to keep one super box above the Brood box.

Different Types and shapes of Bee Hives Pictures

Top 10 Honeybee Images: Different Types Of Honey Bee Hives Picture – Natural And Apiary Hives. (105)
Top 10 Honeybee Images: Different Types Of Honey Bee Hives Picture – Apiary Hives.

A standard brood box includes 10 frames or 8 frames installed with wax sheets (Fig 04). Their Structures are different from one country to another. Regardless of whatever region you are living in, you can buy each piece of equipment separately or as a complete set from Amazon or eBay. The most popular structure and standard frames are shown below:

Brood box

The brood box is the main box (Fig 91) where the queen and most of the bees live. At harvesting season, a super box (Fig 02) is placed on the brood box to collect honey (Fig 3). Usually, super box frames are smaller than the brood box, as they consist only of honey. When they find the frame cells are vacant, they try to fill them with nectar and tend to work more to do so immediately.

So, when cells are full of nectar, they reduce their work and concentrate on other works like capping the cells, maintaining hives, collecting water, Propolis, pollen, etc. They also nurse the queen, larva, and pupae and train the baby bees to enable them to collect nectar and other necessary things.

Super box

Super box (Fig 02) is usually the same and width but smaller. It’s used to store honey and kept separate from the brood chamber by a net frame so that the queen can’t lay eggs in this super.

Super box is exclusively made with honeycombs to easily harvest honey. The queen is not allowed to come here and to prevent the queen a net trap is used between the brood box and super box.

173: Honey Bee Colony Structure - What They Do In The Hive?
In this picture, the upper part is super, and the lower part is Brood Chamber

Remember, the super box is required only in harvesting season and in traditional beekeeping (Fig 04 and 05) to ease collecting honey. In modern beekeeping, you don’t need to harvest honey manually and this process is automated as shown in Fig 06 and 07. The super box is replaced with flow hives which are attached with a key. 

When you see the flow hives are full of honey and matured enough, just open the key and the honey will come down to your bucket through its attached pipe. Learn more: Flow hives for honey bees makes beekeeping easier than ever!

Top 10 Honey Bee Pictures: Natural Bee Hives.

Each natural beehive is different than the others. Size and shape are also different. You’ll find excellent art in every beehive. Learn about Honey Bee Removal: How Much Does Wasps or Bee Hive Removal Cost? Now find below different types and shapes of honey bee hives. Remember, the size and shape of an apiary or artificial beehives are different than natural beehives.

Honey Bee Pictures: Natural & Giant honeybee hives


Top 10 Honeybee Images: Different Types Of Honey Bee Hives Picture – Natural And Apiary Hives. (105)
Top 10 Honeybee Images: Different Types Of Honey Bee Hives Picture – Natural Bee Hives.

This picture shows a giant beehive which is usually found in rural areas, forests, or tree populated areas. This type of hive contains huge bees and honey. So, to collect honey from this hive, one beekeeper is not enough. Very expert and several beekeepers can handle this hive and are capable of successfully collecting honey.

Sometimes you can see this type of beehives hanging on a tree. Natural beekeepers always search for this beehive to collect honey free of cost. Bees can make their hives almost everywhere.

From the pictures here you will see that they make hives in a well-decorated ceiling, a balcony, trees, an old car, and so on. Some of them may not be as expected. After collection of honey one season you can remove it by yourself or with the help of a professional hives remover.

U-shaped honey beehives

This type of beehive is very usual (Fig 5) to find here and there including vegetable gardens. They are smaller in size and you can’t expect more honey from there. One beekeeper is enough to handle and collect honey.

But Beekeepers are not very interested to collect honey due to the small amount. Usually, ordinary people collect honey from this type of hive. There is no need for any special arrangement to collect honey. Only one knife, one bucket, and some straw to make smoke are necessary.

Beehive on Balcony

This type of beehive is usually made by other species of honey bees (Fig 6). Even if it’s a honeybee hive, nobody expects a beehive in Balcony. Because they can randomly enter your house and sting someone. TO REMOVE THE BEES YOU MAY NEED A PROFESSIONAL BEE REMOVAL SERVICE, OR YOU CAN FIND SOME FREE SERVICE.


Mastered oil field

It’s also a giant natural beehive (Fig 2). This type of natural beehives is found in the fence of the mastered oil field. Mastered oil is the main source of honey for beekeepers in Bangladesh. The fence is made with an RCC pillar and GI wire. The bee finds huge nectar in the field and makes a hive with the support of Pillar and GI wire.

Not only that you can find many beehives on trees, gardens, houses, etc. near to the field. The flowers start blooming in mid-November and end in mid-January. So, beekeepers bring their hives prior to November and keep them there until the end of January. In February they shift their hives to Lychee garden. That is the second source of producing honey. Honey produced from mastered oil fields is very tasty and works against cold.

Human-like beehive

The picture shows in (Fig 3), a human-like beehive that is specially designed by beekeepers. Usually, you’ll not find this type of beehive anywhere. But it’s possible to make such a beehive. If you like to know how to make it,

105: Top 10 Honeybee Images: Different Types Of Honey Bee Hives Picture – Natural And Apiary Hives.
105: Top 10 Honeybee Images: Different Types Of Honey Bee Hives Picture – Natural And Apiary Hives.

Read HONEY BEE ART – BEE MAGIC – IT’S FUN TO PLAY WITH BEES! Remember, it’s a specialty job that needs experience and expertise in honey bees. If you know your bees very well and study their behavior you can give them any shape you like.

If you are interested, suggest you make a shape at first with bee wax and then put some honey all over the shape. Take this shape to any bee-populated area where at least 20 beehives are there. You’ll see thousands of bees are gathering in your shape to eat and collect honey. Wherever they find wax they will start making cells as wax their own product.

Beehive in old rejected car

Sometimes you can see such beehives in your old garage materials (Fig 1). We can say bees make hives almost everywhere they find suitable. They prefer a calm area where no human passage is there. Not only bees but all wild animals also avoid humans. Because always they are disturbed by humans and human behavior is different than their species.

You can expect some honey from this hive, but it’s no good to keep any beehives near to your house. Because they will often enter into your house and sting somebody. So, better to remove it with the help of any beekeeper or professional beehive exterminator. To see more images on honey bees you can Visit Pixabay or Pexels. Websites.

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