How The Beehive Property Management In Different Seasons including Top Bar Hive Management.

Beehive Property Management at Harvesting Season

Beehive Property Management: When the bee colonies are in a flower garden or field Beehive Management is easy and inexpensive. But there are some seasons of flower crisis when you have to expend some extra money and efforts to maintain your bees because you have to provide honey and pollen supplements or alternatives.

The honey alternative is a mixture of one part sugar with one part water. Pollen supplement is a mixture of crushed sugar and pigeon pea. It’s used for medications and to prevent bee diseases. You can make it by yourself or buy it from any reputed bee nutrition supplier.

The maximum period of the year is offseason and the harvesting period is a few months only in most of the countries. But if you are in any region where flowers are available abundantly, the harvesting period can be more. Specifically, if you are in or near to any forest area you can harvest honey more or less all the year-round.

So, honeybee property management becomes easier and cheap for you. However, to properly maintain the bees you have to take care of the following things:

01. Hive Installation

Install the hive in a flower garden or field at least 15 days before the flower blooming. Because they will take some time to an acquaintance with the flower garden or field.

02. Use of Tool

Take all the tools and materials required to maintain the bees, such as Knife, smoker, tobacco leaves, net helmet or dress, frame puller, honey extractor, honey sieve, bucket, drum etc. No need to install any feeder as you need not to feed them separately like offseason.

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