How to Apply Diatomaceous Earth for Killing Bed Bugs

How to Apply Diatomaceous Earth for Killing Bed Bugs? 

You can apply diatomaceous earth for killing bedbugs very effectively and instantly. It’ll work like a sharp razor that cut open bedbugs and causes dehydration, and ultimately lead to death.

Also, it’ll kill bed bugs in all stages: eggs, hatching, nymphs, and adults. So, It can be used as a natural bedbugs’ killer more safely than any other chemicals & pesticides for adults, pets, and kids.

Now you need to know how to apply diatomaceous earth for killing bedbugs. You should follow the correct procedure for successfully eliminating bedbugs and follow the instruction & Watch the video attached below to learn about it.


#1. Open a packet of diatomaceous earth and spread it like dust on the floor. Keep it like this for 2 to 3 days, and then vacuum it to remove. Similarly, spread DE all over the mattress and keep it about 3 weeks before removing it. After removing DE, you can reuse the mattress.

#2. Spread diatomaceous earth powder lightly in the way of bedbugs, so that they must cross through the powder while trying to reach you for feeding.

#3. Also, apply this powder to your electrical outlets to prevent them from hiding or spreading to other areas. But before that, you must wear a mask and turn off the electric breaker of the room for which you’re working.

#4. Take out the cover plate of the outlet and spread a thin layer of DE in the outlet gap. Use a plastic spoon or duster to spread it correctly. Also, put some DE in the back of the cover plate before fix-up. Similarly, do the same for all the outlets in your house.

#5. Spread a thin layer of DE to the cracks and crevices of the wall, around your bed(s), bed frames, and edges of carpeting that meets the wall.

#6. Dismantle your bed and apply DE powder into the joints, crevices where rungs are inserted. Similarly, spread DE beside cabinets, under dressers, drawers, etc. Apply DE lightly behind picture frames, under stairs, underneath, behind equipment, and home appliances.

That’s all. Now your home is free from bedbugs and lets you sleep without anxiety.

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