Mysterious Behaviors of Honey Bees: Washboard Behavior and Festooning Behavior.

Mysterious Behaviors of Honey Bees: Washboard Behavior and Festooning Behavior.

Expert beekeepers, researchers, or scientists are investigating closely the honey bee behaviors but still, now many of the things are unknown. They don’t find the reasons for washboard behavior, & the mysterious behavior of disappearing honey bees. Don’t be hopeless, they will continue to investigate and share their findings if they discover anything and we are waiting for that.

The mystery of disappearing honeybees still remains unsolved. The researchers suspect greatly so far are pesticides and they also make liable the radiation from mobile phone base stations. But, it’s likely that sub-lethal effects due to Genetically Modified crops, mites infestations, and some other factors may change the bees’ behavior. All of these affect their memory and learning process or compromise their health and immunity each of which has a role to play.

132. Honey Bee Diseases: Varroa Mite, Fungal Diseases, ABPV On Honey Bees.
132. Honey Bee Diseases: Varroa Mite, Fungal Diseases, ABPV On Honey Bees.

Honeybees may be the most responsive pollinators for crops and plants. And some dangerous technologies are responsible for environmental pollution and honey bee diseases. So, when honeybees will disappear, we too shall follow shortly.

Washboard Behavior

The washboard behavior of honey bees is very much familiar that continues to damage beekeeper’s imaginations. It’s one of the stimulating behavior of honey bees. Worker honey bees sometimes display a group activity known as rocking or wash boarding on the internal and external surfaces of the colony.

It’s likely and believed that general cleaning activity of bees. But actually, nobody knows about the age of worker bees for this activity and in what circumstances they engage, and what is the function of this behavior.

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Because we know worker bees’ activities are naturally scheduled based on their age. To learn more about the worker bees’ duties are naturally scheduled and what they do, check here. Expert beekeepers and researchers investigated to find the reason, age, and time of the day for wash boarding behavior found nothing.

Bees Festooning Behavior

Bees festooning or hanging on to one another, leg to leg, like a bridge inside the frames. Although it’s very common, still now the reason remains unknown.

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Honey Bee Colony Structure – What They Do In The Hive?

It’s assumed that they are making unity for the preparation to tackle some possible hard times in the near future. It’s another mystery of bee behavior. You can see this behavior during the spring comb-building season. Some say the structure of festooning acts like a scaffolding from which the bees build comb, some say bees can only produce wax from the festooning position, but none of these assumptions is scientifically proved.

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