Online Beekeeping Course – Online Training On Beekeeping. (147)

Online Beekeeping Course is at high demand and rapidly getting popularity due to our busy schedule. Many people want to get training on Beekeeping and they can afford the expenses but unable to spare time. Everyday the Training organizations are receiving huge requests from every corner of the world. In response to the world-wide requests they organize online training program on Beekeeping. This effort opens a new door for busy people including disables.

Online Beekeeping Course

This opportunity was created with the help of internet. Prior to that people were searching here and there to get training on Beekeeping. Now online training has started world-wide for all types of education including academic, professional, and higher to lower level.

If you want to buy beehive supplies, or to search more product other than Beehive supply, we have made it convenient for you:

Online Language course was the most popular from long before. You can save your time and money, and avoid traffic jam. Only you need to know where this course is available.

Web-based introductory beekeeping training program

We are here to help you and make your life comfortable. Urban Bee Network is one of the famous and popular Training course provider on Beekeeping. To navigate this website, just click the link above. Check the site index and find your one. They have several similar programs in USA, Canada, UK and other big cities.

Online Beekeeping Course – Online Training On Beekeeping.
147/2: Online Beekeeping Course – Online Training On Beekeeping.


British Columbia

Commercial Beekeeping Training program,

Sustainable Urban Beekeeping certificate program,

Bee Courses

The Honey Bee Centre


Urban Bee Supplies

Bees Incorporated


extension courses in beginner and intermediate beekeeping in two locations, Airdrie and Edmonton

Grand Prairie Regional College – Fairview campus

Honey Bee Diagnostics Course

ABC Backyard bees


University of Manitoba and MAFRI jointly


Ontario Beekeepers’ Association

University of Guelph Honey Bee Research Centre

Dancing Bee Honey

Chatsworth Honey

Lacelle’s Apiary

“The Urban Beekeeper course”

.Register for spring course.


Dalhousie University offers The Modern Beekeeper,

Online Courses Canada

Centre for Open Learning and Educational Support

Online Courses USA

Beekeeping 101

Beekeeping Education and Engagement System (BEES)

Online Apprentice-level Beekeeping

Ohio State Beekeepers

USA “Hands On” Courses

University of Minnesota

Penn State University

Resources of information

National Honey Board
American Honey Producers Association
American Bee Journal
The Pollination Home Page
Experience of my own beekeeping project

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