Online Classes For Beekeeping Course – Beekeeping Lessons. (148)

Beekeeping Course – beekeeping lessons – provided by David and Sheri Burns owners of Long Lane Honey Bee Farms located near Fairmount, Illinois, USA. This lessons will help you to learn more about beekeeping and how to use your beekeeping equipment efficiently. Read through this FREE online beekeeping lessons. They published 40 lessons on their online lessons program and more 170 Articles in free blogger site which is their main website.

Beekeeping Course – Beekeeping Lessons

You may be interested in getting started beekeeping for the spring session of next year. If so you should think ahead. You may have met some clubs or beekeepers Association for beekeeping information. I am here to freely share what I know to help you become a successful beekeeper. Online class is an innovative idea and open a new door to help people learn about the bee even they are very busy in daily life and unable to attend any physical institution.

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Online Classes For Beekeeping Course – Beekeeping Lessons. (148)
Online Classes For Beekeeping Course – Beekeeping Lessons. (148)

A lot of enthusiastic people want to attend training program to learn about the bee and want to start beekeeping as hobby or side business but can’t spare time. This innovative idea gives them a chance to learn about the bee and start their dream project.

Online classes are similar to the above except everybody needs one laptop. Instruction will be displayed in a projector and all learner will follow and note the points. If you alone at home this instruction can be displayed in your computer and a teacher will speech like a class teacher. You can replay the topic several times as you need.

To learn more you can buy online – Multimedia CD for All New & Improved Beekeeping Classes 101, 201 & 301 from Amazon.

Resources of information

National Honey Board
American Honey Producers Association
American Bee Journal
Photo Credit – Google images – unrestricted
Experience of my own beekeeping project

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