Organic Seeds – Jaibo Beej – জৈব বীজ

Organic Seeds – Jaibo Beej – জৈব বীজ

How to use and where to find the jaibo beej or organic seeds?

Organic farming is the practice of farm management using federal organic standards for growing and processing a product without artificial pesticides and genetically engineered or modified (GMO) technologies. Hence, organic seeds are from plants grown by farmers following the above-mentioned standards.

Jaibo Beej - Organic Seeds
Jaibo Beej – Organic Seeds


The picture of the above product is produced in the hilly or forest area of Bangladesh. It has world-wide popularity to use in several types of medicine and sickness like H I V, High blood pressure, Cancer, Diabetes, Chronic, and kidney diseases. And this information is provided by Mr AGARGAMO HAMEN AHMED – Morrokko, who is currently living in France, and serving here as a Medical and health – Beauty, Cosmetic, and Personal Care. Also, you can contact him at +237 672 446635.

A product being organic, the first condition is that the project or farm should be far from any human made source of chemicals, such as: Residence, markets, mills, factories, etc. So, inside the hill or forest is the best place to produce organic products.

Secondly, it should be certified by an organic body like BSTI (Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institute). And some code number from the organic body should be included in the label of the product. This code numbers ensure that this product is tested and maintain the organic standards. If you don’t find this number from organic institutions, you should not consider it as an organic product.

In bangla language, it’s said: Jaibo Beej or জৈব বীজ।

I am the supplier of that product. My address and contact information is given below:

Name: Shamsul Arafin

Living in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Telephone: 01715-660905


When this product is prepared to use as a medicine, it looks like the below picture:

Jaybo Bich Organic Seed - Bija Seed
Jaibo Beej – Organic Seeds


The above picture is shown after packaging. And the design of packaging is depending on the purpose of use. There is a video on this product is given below:



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