Queen Elizabeth was Amazed at The Great Taste and Aroma of a Sweet “Hazari Gore (molasses)”

Hazari Gore is Made from Date-Palm Juice

Where this “Hazari Gore” is Made?

The area named Horirampur under the district of Manik Gong is famous for its popular Patali Gore and Hazari Gore made from the date palm, with palm trees lining the aisles of the courtyard and various raw and paved roads. At dawn, the sound of Azan’s wandering in the ears and they start to harvest date juice from the date-palm tree.

Difference between Hazari Gore, and Patani Gore

Some people think that Patali Gore and Hazari Gore are the same, but actually not. It’s true that both are made from date-palm juice, but the a far difference in taste, quality, and price. Arab countries are famous for great dates, but they don’t know how to harvest date juice and how to make Patali or Hazari Gore (Sweet) from the juice.

Size and Color of Hazari Gore

The size and shape of Hazari Gore are like a half globe ball-shop, and the weight is 250 gm each. The color of a fresh Hazari Gore is Milky white and becomes reddish gradually after one week or two. Each piece is covered with white paper and they keep 20 Pcs in one box.

How does the name “Hazari Gore” come from?

Its aroma and taste are extraordinary, Queen Elizabeth was fascinated by that aroma and taste of the sweet. He eagerly declared the name of the sweet “Hazari Gore” in order to express its quality and taste.

The Queen herself spread the name of Hazari Gore based on the tribe who were involved to make this sweet. Till today, they are living with this sweet and famous for this product. My age is now 55 (the year 2020), but the first time I purchase it @ Tk. 1200 per kg, and amazed by its great aroma and taste.

I have come to know that in Dhaka city some branded companies are selling Tk. 3000 per kg. If you don’t eat it yet, you can’t imagine why people paying that much money, and why Queen Elizabeth was astonished by its quality and perfume.

You will get Patali Gore from most of the places, but Hazari Gore is only in Manik Gonj District, Horirumpur area. It started 200 years before and was harvested only from January to March. But orders are collected from 3 months before. You can’t buy it whenever you want. Rather, you have to contact them and order in advance.

How it’s made “Hazari Gore”

The ideal temperature for this juice is 8 to 20 degrees Celsius. Earlier in the afternoon, the trees were cut down and tied jars or containers of soil. The next morning, the juice is taken down from the tree to clean the dirt and burn the juice in the pot made of clay to make Hazari Gore. This juice jar is also beautiful to look at, and delicious to eat.


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