Raising Honey Bees: 6 Easy Steps for New Beekeeper to Start.

Raising Honey Bees: 6 Easy Steps for New Beekeeper to Start.

Raising honey bees: A successful beekeeper can run his beekeeping project with a good profit. A beginner Beekeeper should learn and study bee behavior and its lifestyle. Most of the people are not aware of bee facts and its amazing life style. Learn here about raising Honey Bees and 6 Easy Steps for New Beekeeper to Start.

Remember, it’s only the insect capable to produce honey all over the world. So, its lifestyle is also different than other insects.

Bee Framing or beekeeping is an agricultural project but it’s completely scientific, technical, and more profitable than usual Agro-Project. You can start it as a hobby or as a small business following the 6 steps I have explained here.

If you wish to start as a large project I recommend you complete the Feasibility Study and SWOT analysis prior to taking this project at hand. Find here Feasibility study and SWOT Analysis.

For Beginner Beekeepers, there are 6 basic and simple steps as I explained below. Stick with this instruction and step by step guidelines, that will help you to be an ideal and successful Beekeeper.

01. Select a Suitable place.

Remember, all the places aren’t suitable for honey beekeeping. A dark area with trees/garden, without any passage of people or animals, is the best place for bees (Fig. 01 in Page 2).

Far from the Electric overhead line and Grocery market is an ideal place for bees. An electric overhead line can kill worker bees while flying for searching for flowers (Fig 02). Grocery shops include many types of sweets that attract bees and they used to move their searching food.

While Queen bee flies for sexual intercourse it can be killed by the electric overhead line which is a very bad situation for the entire bee colony or beehives.

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