Share Bee Hive Works To Make Beekeeping Easier & Comfortable. (122)

Share Bee Hive Works: Beekeeping is really a hard work and need help from others. Large scale beekeepers can employ people as they need, but for small beekeepers it’s not feasible to bear extra expenses. So, share bee hives is the only way to continue beekeeping. This sharing means to help each other for every effort they need in beekeeping. For better understanding I shall give some examples below of share bee keeping.

Share Bee Hive Works To Make Beekeeping Easier & Comfortable.

In my previous article I suggested for new beekeepers to start with at least two bee hives. A complete beehive includes a brood box, a super box and cover. Beginners are recommended to buy a complete hive instead of each component separately. Because, usually a complete hive is cheaper than other option.

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Shifting beehives to the field of crop

Sometimes double brood box can be used to make the beehive stronger and produce more honey. A complete box will be at least 20 Kg in weight with single brood box and 30 Kg with double brood box. So, it’s definitely hard work to handle these boxes for shifting and moving.

While harvesting season comes in your area you have to move your bee hives near to the field of crop like apple, mustard oil, soya bean oil, litches, corn flower and so on. If you have only 2/3 bee hives it’s not so difficult to shift the boxes. But if you’re mid level beekeepers having 20 – 50 beehives, definitely it’s not possible to handle these boxes alone. To make this whole process of beekeeping easily, usually 4 to 10 beekeepers make a unity to move the beehives in harvesting season.

Share Bee Hive Works To Make Beekeeping Easier & Comfortable.
122/1: Shift brood boxes

Almost all beekeepers need to shift the beehives in harvesting season. But who live near to any forest area, they may not need to move beehives as the forest is always full of various flowers. Share bee hives moving may not so essential for them.

So, beekeeping near to the forest area is easy and inexpensive but chance to losses of bees is more. Many bees are unable to come back in their hives and if you loss too much bees from a colony, the situation is worse for this colony.

It may not be possible to recover the losses of bees and if so, ultimately the colony will be collapsed. And this is called colony collapse disorder. It’s also true that a colony collapse disorder can be happened for many other reasons.

Share Bee Hive Works To Make Beekeeping Easier & Comfortable.
122/2: Shift beehives or honeycombs.

Large or commercial Beekeepers don’t feel this shifting problem as they have enough employees to handle each work separately. So, sharing beehive work is essential only for mid-level Beekeepers. Commercial beekeepers usually use a small size portable and manual lifter.

After end of the harvesting season, they’ll shift the beehives in their backyard garden where they usually keep all the year round. Not only moving boxes you need help from others, all other works also you need help. So, share bee keeping works among the few beekeepers is very usual. There are some images below to show you how the beekeepers share their works.

Cut the capping of honey combs

Harvesting is the hardest work in beekeeping although beekeepers are always very happy to do it, as it’s their main product. For harvesting it’s necessary to uncap the cells before put in extractor. But uncapping is difficult to do alone. So, you need someone’s help to hold the honey comb frame. Use a sharp knife to uncap or electric knife or uncapping roller or fork.

Share Bee Hive Works To Make Beekeeping Easier & Comfortable.
12/3: Share Bee Hive Works To cut the capping of honey combs.

From all of the above options, knife is better and also cheap. Here is also you can buy a knife separately, but recommended to buy with other tools set to save money. If you already have all other tools except the uncapping knife, then you have no other go except buying it separately.

Colony Inspection works

Colony inspection should be done with the help expert beekeepers. So, if you are new then call some experienced beekeepers to help you. While you become confident enough then try to do it yourself. Remember, colony inspection requires to keep records of each and every frames and boxes. Keep this record correctly and follow up accordingly to reduce the risk of bee looses or colony collapse disorder.

Share Bee Hive Works To Make Beekeeping Easier & Comfortable.
122/4: Colony inspection works

Keep in mind, sharing beehive works is very important for small bee farm or those who keeping bees as hobby. For large project they have enough people and assign each work individually. So, they don’t feel to share works with another beekeeper.

Routine Maintenance works

For routine maintenance you can work fast if you get someone’s help. So, you help others to get help from him and it’s an usual practice for small beekeepers. Cleaning is the main work of routine maintenance and an electric blower is necessary to speed up your works. Proper tools will help you to work fast and maintain your bees well. And ultimately you can keep your bees healthy which is very necessary for profitable beekeeping.

Share Bee Hive Works To Make Beekeeping Easier & Comfortable.
122/5: Share bee hive works for Routine maintenance work

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