Use Ginger to Get Rid Of Asthma, Cough, and Short Breathing within One Minute

Use Ginger to Get Rid Of Asthma, Cough, and Short Breathing within One Minute

Today I am explaining you an incident of mine, helping you to learn how I get rid of Asthma for free and within a short time. I have been suffering from Asthma for a long time. And the main reason I experience is dust and cold. So, I have been using mask for long before and avoid cold drinks.

Note that I had seen a doctor for asthma 2/3 years ago, and even visited Mohakhali Chest Hospital. In both cases, they advised me to use an inhaler. The inhaler is a liquid gas spray containing medicine and costs was Tk. 750/- (2/3 years before). It is a good medicine for immediate action, relaxation and sleep at night. But one file is not enough to cure of asthma, so the treatment become expensive need long time.

Watch Video – How to use Ginger for Asthma?

Now come to the main point. Yesterday was Thursday, there was a lot of dust and sand on the road when I came home after Aisha prayer at night. It was necessary for me to use a mask, but was not taken out due to laziness, and there is no protection. So, as soon as I reached home, the sneezing started, then gasping for breath. Moreover, I drank cool water after eating dinner at 11:30 at night, which enhance difficulties of breathing. Due to that, it was quite impossible for me to sleep till 12:30 in the night. I decided and tried to go to a nearby hospital.
It should be noted that my home is in Dhaka, Kallyanpur, and there are so many hospitals nearby. But, unfortunately, I went to the gate of my house and saw that the security guard was in deep sleep and closed the main gate. It was not possible to wake him up, even after calling many times. So, I could not go to the hospital and was thinking what can do to make me sleeping.
After searching here and there, I found a bottle of Kali Jeera Oil near the kitchen. I immediately opened it and put some oil on the top of my head, put some oil on my fingers and entered into both nostrils, and then consumed 2/3 drops of oil. After a while, it seemed that there was little benefit. It was late at night, so I finished the Tahazzut prayer. Since I could not sleep, it was the best way to pass the time with prayer. After prayer, I opened my laptop and started searching about natural remedies for asthma on YouTube. I didn’t find much about asthma directly. But I saw a video on how to eat ginger for whopping cough. Then an idea came to my mind to test it by eating ginger with my own intelligence and responsibility.
Now I searched in the kitchen and found some pieces of ginger. Take one piece and wash it well, then take out the skin with a small spoon. Cut it into 4/5 pieces so that it is convenient to eat. I chewed 1 piece without delay. But it was very difficult to eat, because very hot and tasteless. It can only be consumed as medicine. But in compare to the breathing difficulties, I felt comfort to eat the tasteless ginger. So, I one piece, then another piece. By this time, the Fajr prayer has been called.
As a result, I hastily ate the rest of the pieces and drink hot water and then went for Fajr prayer. After prayer, I came home and felt that I was getting more comfort than what I felt after using an inhaler, which cost Tk. 750. So, I was wondering how easily I can get rid of asthma.  It is important to share this valuable information on YouTube, because so many people will be benefited, people can watch it and use it directly.
To make a video, first you need to make a video script. When I sat down to prepare the script for the video, the Zohar prayer was over, I felt as if I had never had asthma. Even the fever in the body due to breathing is gone. Though I used Kalijira oil at night, But I think ginger alone is enough to relieve asthma. So, you can try with it.
Use Ginger to Get Rid Of Asthma, Cough, and Short Breathing within One Minute
Use Ginger to Get Rid Of Asthma, Cough, and Short Breathing within One Minute


Keep in mind that the same medicine may not work equally well for everyone due to body structure and other factors. But, since it costs no money, you can also give it a try. Natural ingredients have no chance of side effects. So, if you or someone in your family, or someone you know is suffering from whooping cough or asthma, sneezing or short breathing then suggest him to take this treatment free of charge by eating ginger as described above.

Suggest to eat ginger at least three times a day, for 2/3 days and 2/3 pieces each time. This treatment is not tested in any research center, it’s the experience of my personal life. I dedicate this article to those who believe in natural medicine methods. This method is not for those who own a lot of money or are interested in spending a lot of money on treatment. Finally, if there is any kind of disharmony (chances are very low), then take the help of a doctor.

No warranty of accuracy for any information provided here. And this is not a medical advice anyway, but can be used for information purposes only. We recommend a qualified Health Care professional for treatment if necessary. For those who are interested in the DIY method or home remedy, we provide here information to help them. Always use your own judgment and research before taking any decision.

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